Complications of Money

By: Kartar S Birar

During the absence of Shan from their house, Ema and her husband had discussed the future plans of Shan. They had been holding discussion and had reached three ideas:-
Firstly, they would try to convince Shan to go and stay with her husband.
Secondly, if that is not agreeable then she should work full time and stay separately in a rented house.
Thirdly, she can move out for better opportunities in Tamil Nadu or Kerala where Ayurveda was flourishing in a big way.
They had planned to discuss these options on her return from the seminar. On the other hand, Shan had made up her mind to stay with her daughter and work in Koka Hospital. She had decided to contribute something out of her Pension for the household expenditure. Her son-in-low was happy to learn that Shan had returned home as he had invited his father-in-law for a discussion
in the evening. They had already made arrangements for
the father-in-law’s evening drink. They reached home
and found Shan at home and engaged in the kitchen.
Ema and her husband reached home at 2.15 PM.
Shan greeted them and told them that she had prepared
the lunch. They had lunch together, chatted on general
issues and Shan was happy to find them in an “all well”
state. Ema did not tell her mom about coming of her
father in the evening. After lunch they retired to their
respective rooms.... 

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