Still Alive

By: Aliva Dutta

“Bold ‘n’ Beautiful”


I want to smile, want to make myself happy, and have great times with myself… Aditi console herself by repeating these compelling words.

Life is unpredictable and neither anticipated for next move. Aditi after facing life challenging events, medically claimed as the dreaded disease, “In Situ Breast Cancer” is slowly gearing up in her life. She turned up towards the mirror and while dressing up she thinks “I know I don’t look complete” as I was few years back. After surgery, and mastectomy things changed in her life. She knew that she had to live with these scars forever.

Aditi’s confidence and self-esteem is not affected by the feel of unfeminine and unattractiveness. She posted a photograph in her social networking sites “Expressing her joy of winning the battle of life!!!

Messages from friends! Boomed! Rhea’s, Mita’s flashed in messenger is buzzing with chats J

Oh, I don’t hear from you my life stops speeding up. But sorry Dear I have to rush as I have an appointment with the doctor; I’m running through goosebumps as the reports will clarify how long my life would continue.

Aditi has no options but to go through checkups every alternate 6 months. But whatever life has given her she is happy because she has no other options. Working in a multinational company as an HR Manager, tackling with the challenges in her life working in night shifts made her more energetic, enthusiastic and lively. She could strive to solve .                                                                                                                                                                                Chapter 2

“Joy of Celebration”


Set her alarm to go off at midnight, she dozes for a quick nap. A romantic birthday surprise for Nilay wakes her up, by the first sound of ringing.

 Happy Birthday Dear! Let’s meet up on this special day to make it more special.

Ahhh!  Your words touched my heart, will definitely be with you, Nilay responded.

Ohhh! An unexpected change in the weather, then the rain sets in filled Aditi’s mind with questions – will it be possible for Nilay to make out for the surprises?

Dressed in black gown she opened the door to welcome Nilay.

Awww, you’re looking gorgeous, Nilay hugged Aditi .He whispered in Aditi’s ears, come close dear; by holding her hand pulls her towards him.” Wanna  feel every bit of you”.Both started feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Aditi grapsed him tightly and in a soft and calm way ensured to Nilay-“I would trust you forever,when in pain and helpless come to me. I would shower my warmth of affection on you. In such uncertainity I will be your hope,Iwill cuddle you and comfort you.

chapter 3

“Connected by Heart”


Aditi had this inexplicably need to be hugged at that point that she asked Nilay to give her a proper hug.

She arranged the cake and pulled Nilay by her side to cut it. Nilay murmured…Jaan, join me, hands together on the knife, cutting together, feeding each other. Nilay’s act showed how much he cared for Aditi. 

Suddenly, Aditi felt breathlessness, extreme chest pain, sweating and dizziness. Aditi fainted in his arms.

Nilay was speechless. He tried to wake her up…Aditi,,,, 

“Aditi had a mild heart attack”, the doctor said.Aditi regained her health. She is a fighter by birth.From the day she is been hospitalized, Nilay has disappeared.And  here the mystery continuos...Will Aditi be Able to find Nilay...and keep their love Still Alive.

## The rest of the story will be present in the book Still Alive ...the unfold mystery of love,suspense and emotions