Chapter - 16

By: Para H

The excitement in India had been building up ever since The Nation of Good Hope changed course and headed toward India. Now that it was just 200 miles away, the excitement had reached fever pitch. Political parties were already squabbling over how the spoils would be shared. The southern state of Tamilnadu, where most likely The Nation of Good Hope would impinge, had laid claim to the new territory. The other southern states and the northern states had objected vociferously. It didn’t matter that The Nation of Good Hope was a veritable volcano, they didn’t want the riches of Southern California going just to one state.
The usual political chaos which passed for a democracy had grown worse. Far worse. The coalition Government at the center made up of a ragtag bunch of self-serving politicians had almost come apart over the subject of how The Nation of Good Hope was going to be accommodated. Veiled threats from the U.S. and the firm stand that Prime Minister Dalal had taken, had forced them to lie low for a while. All parties had come to an informal agreement that they would let the dust settle and then they would broach the subject of what to do with The Nation of Good Hope. Publicly they all maintained that The Nation of Good Hope was a sovereign country suffering from a severe calamity and, hence, its citizens should be treated with the greatest sympathy. But privately, and in internal party meetings, they were plotting to take control of The Nation of Good........

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