How about a kurta pyjama?

Gulaboo: dhuschanan will never tell me his size because he is against gifts, he doesn’t want me getting him anything. How am I to explain to him that I want to gift him something that will make me feel good.

Bhabhi: get him something first then we will worry about his reaction.

Gulaboo: okay

It was the evening of 24th October 2019 gulaboo tried all she could to get dhuschanan to come and meet her and he was as insist as ever not to come over. After a lot of discussions a lot of requests dhushchanan did agree to come over, gulaboo was exhilarated her joy knew no bounds all she knew was her guy was coming over to meet her. Though soon after she realised he wasn’t aware of the gift she had got him which might leave him bickering. What gulaboo failed to understand was how could one turn down gifts??

Dhushchanan: janeman location toh bhejo

Gulaboo: bhej di ladooooo

After an hour or so dhuschanan arrived

Gulaboo: hello, dekho this is your Diwali gift agar gussa karoge toh main ghar wapis jaa rahi hun agar aram se bina dante ghumoge toh main gadi mein baithun.

Dhushchanan: babe maine mana kiya tha I don’t like gifts na lena na dena phir kyun aise kaam karti ho? Anyway sit ab le toh aayi ho cant do anything about it ghar jaakar ill open it.

Gulaboo: thanks yaar kaku.

Challo kuch khane chale im hungry as usual said gulaboo dhushchanan drove to her all time favourite junk place.

Gulaboo: tum kya khaoge?

Dhuschanan: jo tum kha rahi ho?

Gulaboo: inna pyaar haye main mar jawan….

Dhuschanan order kar le chup chap …

Gulaboo: placed the order which was served quick and they headed over to their table to hog onto the food

Cold and fries pe ladte ladte they didn’t realise how quickly their meals finished

Gulaboo wanted to smoke with the ice cream sundae she was having for dessert, and dhuschanan had no such hobbies or habbits, he did enjoy 1 thing though lighting the ciggi for her and had a mini cough attack while doing so.

Gulaboo: icecream khao

Dhuschanan: nahi khani

Gulaboo: khao nahi toh abhi kiss karo

Dhuschanan: hmmmmm

In a matter of 10seconds his lips were on gulaboos lips and she knew this was her heaven her f***ing heaven. It was all slow motion fo gulaboo. It wasn’t a kiss that lasted long but the butterflies it gave her stomach!!!! The moment dhuschanans hand touched her waist she got goosebumps it didn’t matter to her that half the people from her society would snack out at the same joint it didn’t bother her that they standing on the main road all that mattered to her was her guy his strong hands around her and the KISS.

Dhuschanan dropped gulaboo home and the parting hug clicked something inside gulaboo something which she should’ve paid attention to but she did not, the last hug had some sort of finally done kinda feeling in it but she was too elated to pay attention to anything negative at that time

For gulaboo dhushchanan was there for her and would always be there for her!