Good morning Canada the bank of Canada was stolen by drunkyards yesterday Bob the most wanted culprit was caught by  head of the police James and escaped in return to prison. Bob started running to forest he was hitted by a treasure box but he was caught by James and James taken the box to home  him to prison. James went to home with treasure box and he presented it as a gift to his son Jack. Jack was a funny kid he always interested in doing miscellaneous things jack went to his room and he opened the box it was one pen with caution:- if you start using it you should use it till last drop of ink if ink extincts then you should sacrifice your dearest thing to refill pen again if you stop doing it you will be cursed by the events that were written by you. Being a child he didn't understand anything and he started writing diary, from morning to evening. One day he was frustrated by his teacher and he wrote in his book "teacher should have a leg break down" and next day morning the teacher was in a holiday because of accident he had leg break down Jack was shocked but he ignored it, jack turned to an adult he was interested in writing stories, novels and he started writing stories his first story was about a cold blooded murder with original names of his neighbour and next night his neighbours were murdered by a gang. Jack started second story about a natural disaster that india was hitted by a tsunami unfortunately india get affected by tsunami next day by seeing this jack came to opinion that whatever i have written was happening out. He started writing dairy in which whatever he wants he simply writes as words which makes him real, one day jack writes my lover who left me in my 18 years age should return and continue relationship with me, and the next day she and her family shifts to jack neighborhood house for rent and she starts loving him again. Jack was shocked again and he writes i should be billionaire in the world and the next day his writings which were published got huge impact in online and makes him billionaire. Jack forgotten the caution that he should refill the ink the ink was completed he didn't know what to do and he reads the caution, if you completes ink you should sacrifice one dearest thing to refill again but it should be done where you got the pen, jack hurried to forest where his father brought to him and there he meets a saint who know all the stuff and asks jack oh my little stupid what are you going to sacrifice ? Jack replied this pen  i don't want this now iam happy upto what i have but saint warns if you sacrifice it you should be cursed and you return to past again and the whole history upto now happened to you will destroy and you will lost all , jack replied ok saint but why ? Because it was the curse by king mursus which were given to his citizens who ever neglects his rules should restart their life again this pen was made by king mursus bones you are in his Kingdom so you disrespected his principles so you are punished. Jack returns to childhood again and James again returns home with treasure box jack recognises and he threws the box it passes through river and reaches to saint again.