By: Ana parihar


Reminiscing your memory love, making me cry
Thinkin' you're star, I look up at night sky ! 

After you left I feel bereft, lost and all alone 
Without you pain feel like torn skin showing bone! 

I went to ocean, watching waves coming and going 
I live in agony in cruel world and you disappeared without knowing ! 

Eyes full of tears and hearing sad song 
Please come and tell me, you're there with me lifelong! 

Finally I pondered it's just too hard to survive 
So i decided to meet you to make you revive! 

When I reached I saw another star between us
I felt devastated cuz maybe my love was such a wuss! 

Now I'm becoming a shooting star because forever is a lie
Gonna fulfill people's wishes, so my love it's goodbye! 

-Ana parihar