Maybe next time

By: sneha singhal

Today, I was sitting silently, staring at the wall when suddenly I heard the door open. Scared, as I was,  because I knew what's coming for me,  I couldn't move an inch. I wanted to run but was tied still, as if chained to this unholy place,  bound to this devil that was coming for me.  Neither my voice could reach a soul nor his torments.  How I hoped for someone,  anyone,  to free me from the shackles of this damned.  But here I was hoping and not trying,  because I was tired.  Tired of fighting and no one supporting.  So here I was,  still bullied everyday,  tortured like the criminal I was. 
I came back to my senses,  out of my thoughts of struggle,  when I heard the angry,  annoyed voice just outside my room.  Abusing at the top of his voice,  he slammed my door open.  My soul pleading to myself,  yet my body staying still as if unfazed. 
He threw me,  pulled me towards himself while shouting some nonsensical stuff and hurled me towards the door. I was screaming sorry yet it seemed his heart was too cold to hear an apology for mistake I didn't even do.  And hence,  began the turbulence of violence hidden inside this beast,  while he hit me and scarred my body. 
Then,  when he was done,  he tossed me towards the wall and said " You are a disgrace for a being". I, not at all shook by his words,  because that was what I was for not fighting back, curled myself where I was.  Crying into my own arms,  I thought 'Maybe next time it will hurt less. '