A Night With Him

By: Saumya Saxena

The starry night with moonlit on the right. We were in the midst of the couples, enjoying the pleasant cold breeze which blew my hair slightly with its every fraction. He held my hand firmly with his manly fingers and kissed the dorsal side.

He was wearing a lavish navy blue suit with a blush pink pocket square. But what made me lost in him was only the intensity of his deep ocean blue eyes and the idyllic smile on his rosewood colored lips.  He pulled me closer, put my toes on his, holds my back and intertwined his fingers in mine. We were as close as the molecules of hydrogen and oxygen are. I was so lost in him that I got this late that all the other couples left the floor a long time ago. It was just him and I who were softly dancing under the dark colored sky full of stars and the moving clouds. The music was bonny and beautiful; I was feeling the rhythm along with his warmth breathe.

The vicinity was decorated with the embellished Christmas tree, the bright lights around and the gentle snowfall was started. And I gazed at him all over the night. The pretty cold winter was there and he became my favorite sweater as I lived the decades, centuries and seven lives of mine in that single night till the breaking dawn. Simply, I miss that one irrevocable night with him.