Fear be Feared

By: Fiza siddiqui

Fear be Feared

A boy lost in woods,

in chilling darkness

findin' a cozy nook.


 Out wandering in vain,

sat eccentric show, peace &

coward,dinghy water  brain!


Afraid of thoughts,

saw them come live

appearing beasts.


Trapped in self-fears

 as Trojan Horse, self cloning,

runs away!


Terrified by the wilds,

found a Fairy Godmother  in  mind

Said not to fear itself 

Let it get terrorized by oneself


Puke it before it paralized you up

cage it likewise, the key lost in oblivion hub!


The boy fright & fantasy broke

Illusionlysed forces

Now, fearless severe,             

with a peace.....

-Fiza Siddiqui