It’s complicated!

By: sandeep kajale

Riya wasn’t understand what we should take decision? How we can find the solution on this major issue? Ragahv wasn’t ready to accept her job offer, his male ego was in his mind, but Riya was a career oriented girl, she was having different dreams, and of Couse, she was also having a crystal clear idea about her life partner, she made some parameters for the same, Raghav was fit in that, but he wasn’t to change, he was a passionate about his dream, but he was waiting for chance, up to getting a chance, he should work with her, it was just little wish from Riya’s side, but he wasn’t ready for the same. Riya wasn’t ready to leave with such egoistic person, and she get back from their relations…………………

“Hello, Riya, I want to talk with you,” Raghav called to Riya, he made many calls, but after long time she received his call. “Riya I want to continue with our relationship, you broke this, I want to leave with you, forever…………” Raghav’s voice was very polite. After 2-3 months, he called to her……….. “After 2-3 months you remembered to me”. Riya was an angry with him, and shouting on him. “Riya I am sorry, please forgive me,” Raghav was requesting to her………. “Have you come out from your so called Identity Crisis, have your realized who are you? Still you have dilemma in your mind about your identity.” Riya was asking and the tears were coming from her eyes. Raghav was just listening to her, he wasn’t react anything. When she realized that Raghav is not answering to her questions, she stopped her speaking, and she kept the phone, but before keeping she said to him, “It’s over”.

After this call, she cried for a while, after crying she felt that, our decision was proper, Ragahv is not ready to his mindset, he doesn’t want to come out from his identity crisis, he is finding the way for not doing the job and also not focusing on his career’s vision. Afterwards, she called to her mother, and told whole story, after that she feels the tension released from her mind, she wants to stop everything, she wants to clear every memories of Raghav, from his mind as well as from her life. She wants to start, her new life……….. her new Vision…………..Vision of an Entrepreneur…………………

“How I should come out from this situation? What is way for it?, what I should do?” these many questions was coming in his mind, on that night, again he came to the window, and again starting to watching in sky, the moon was there, the stars were there, moon was shining in the sky, and spreading a light in the dark night, stars were twinkling in the sky…………. He found the answer, of his question? He wants to say sorry to Riya, so he called many times to her, but she wasn’t receiving his call.
He opened his what Sapp, she blocked to Raghav, and he went on his status……………. He change it and wrote “It’s Complicated