A Letter from Mother “

By: sandeep kajale

“Aarti madam was suffering from throat cancer, Dr. Banrjee from Mumbai was giving treatment to her, and she was going to Mumbai, often for the same, but the things weren’t possible, Dr. Banarjee tried a lots of but, he can’t save her.” Said Bhaurao.
Aditya was totally, wordless, what he was thinking about her mother, now he was feeling very guilty about his feeling, he went in his mother’s office, he sat on the char, he opened the drover, he found some papers about her treatment, and the some family photos, a very old photos, in which he, his father, his mother, and his Granny, a complete family photo, but never be completed………………
Aditya’s mother left her family, because she wants to work for an orphan children, she left to Aditya, because though she left him, she was knowing that Aditya would have his own family, and family members, who can take care of him, his father, his Granny, all were would be with him, but for these orphan children, Who will take care of them?, they don’t have their own family, so she decided to be the family of these an orphan children, and she came over here, after her father’s death, she came here, and she started to look after these an orphan children, she started a small school, also, after passing their 7th standard, the children was going to high school, in village.
When he saw a her diary, and when he read the diary, all these things were mentioned, and she apologized for that things which she did, for these an orphan children, she also wrote to Aditya, that, she would know, Aditya would come here one day, and he will understood the reality, and again she apologized to whole family members.
The day came when Aditya wants to go back to his home, a very sad mind he went out from Anadashram, he met to Bhaurao, and Sunita, and gave thanks to them, he tried to give some money, but both were refused, and told that, they are getting money from government, madam tried very much for getting grant from government, and Dr. Banarjee were helping to her for the same, but Aditya wasn’t listen, he saying that, this money would be in the remembrance of her mother, then both can’t said anything, they accepted the amount, he met to that orphan children and promised that once in year or in 6 months he would be there for these an orphan children, and would continue this legacy of her mother, at least he would be tried for the same.
Aditya came on station, he sat on the bench, there was some time to train, he took all her hand writtens of his mother, he sat very politely, and he was apologizing to her mother, and the tear was coming from his eyes, train arrived in station, he sat on his seat, train started, and his journey started towards his busy life, but lots many remembrance of his mother, and great work of her for an orphan children…………….