My Fault or Fate

By: Preeti Bhatt

Samiksha is 21 and her parents are       searching a guy for her. Till class 10 she and her brother were equal in terms of basic opportunities like food, education, clothes etc. But after class 10th wearing jeans was banned, going out of house banned except for exams, fences were drawn on roof so no one could see her and she could not fall in love with anyone.Household work like cooking, cleaning fell on her. Although her parents are well aware of Beti Bachai Beti Padhao that’s why they didn’t stop her education just made it conditional and so her life is.

When she is was not even born, her name was decided its sweet but didn’t new that the same was with her fate.

Her mother is sick so she has to do all her mother’s housework at the stake of her studies because they say how will her mother do it. But at the same time they are eagerly waiting to fix her marriage and say we will manage someone to take your responsibilities.Hypocrisy is the garb of love and equality. She was an option and her dreams they don’t even exist for them. Her education in B.A.(Distant Learning) that too decided by her family as just to keep the groom captivating.

Well her bro’s life is not that worse. He has absolute freedom which even the constitution doesn’t provide. At the has of 18, he is a proud drunker which no body knows except her mom and her mom ignores it nicely. He finds every girl attractive and flirts. But, at the same time, he drops her sister outside the colony to take the bus for exams in order no one can talk to her.

Sometimes Samiksha asks her parents to trust her, to educate her and give her a chance to be what she wants. Her parents says we trust you but don’t trust the world.Samiksha wants to be an officer and her brother went to other cities to study for same. She wants to teach kids, learn dance, empower herself, see the world and be the best version of herself.

Now she only has plans for marriage. She is creative because now she thinks maybe the man she marry would understand her feelings, happiness, freedom.Now, her dreams totally rely on her marriage. She plans to tell the guy everything she feels like only if the guy is worthy of it. In case Samiksha’s this hope shatters still she has to go for marriage but as a body who will have to be entertainment in every respect and a labourer.

Samiksha will live the rest of her life with a question that was it her fate or fault.

Well either of it she didn’t choose.