A moment of love

By: Prerna Pujari

A moment of love.

On the first day of my marriage, I must specify 'arranged marriage' , everything was new for me...new house, new relations, a new person with whom I had to spend my whole life; but I didn't know him at all. I was anxious and nervous.More than anything else, I was upset, as I had married an unknown man...and I was not mentally prepared to accept this relation....I had many dreams for my life...which were now broken....marriage wiped away all my hopes....and a life of household responsibilities was waiting for me on the next step.
I was sitting in the porch lost in the dreams which I had seen for my life, and which had no ways left to come true in my life now. A hopeless tear wetted my cheek. I heard a sudden sound of footsteps. I wiped off my face and got ready to give a fake smile. I turned back and saw my husband standing behind me. He sat near me and took my hand in his. I looked in his eyes. He had a smile there. He quietly placed a pen and a diary on my palm. I looked at him with a question mark on my face.
"I would love to see your name as an author on the cover of your novel one day." He said with a smile.
How did he know that I had a dream of getting my novel published one day? I thought.
"I want to see you living your dreams." He said.
He had found out my dreams. And he had understood my gloom.
A smile vanished all the marks of tears on my face. A hope of living my dreams seeded in my heart.
He stood up and went away.
I was gazing at him....like a heroine of a romantic novel stares at her hero.....
......and hence the story of my love ....begun....