By: Sara Mirza

Returning from school, walking down the lane, the distance seems larger every other day. So I start weaving realities, dreams and possibilities together. Walking like a kooky wanderer.

Some days I think what would my parents and grandparents would be doing in my absence. Whether grandmother took her medicines, dad took his important file to the office and mother feed the fishes or not?

Other days I plan my schedule for the day or try to reminisce what were the formulas our math teacher told us to learn.

Today, my thoughts took a turn towards my life goals and slightly slipped into my fabricating wishlist which included a trip to New York city and Paris. Kissing my man at an airport in the middle of a crowd and in a pool under water. Living with my two best friends in a new city for a whole year atleast and earning enough to feed and give my whole family a life they want to live. I was just thinking of these wishes that suddenly I saw two people carrying a coffin to some place. And I start thinking about deaths, mourning people and eulogies.

Eulogy, something I would love to read only if it's for myself. I think it's a bit absurd but I will still add it to my wishlist. Also, I have a strong affection for reading, though the kind that includes reading my own eulogy is developed just now, on my way to home and I don't know why this thought seems so interesting and exciting to me.

Apparently, the distance to home, today, seems the least to be covered.