By: Aditi shaw

Shrinking my mood with the validation of happiness.  Defining it ongoing with the results of circumstances. I hereby quit these all today. Living and wondering about how its changed. The never ending mind with the ever refreshing and dead thoughts lead me to think to even shrink my thoughts today. Somehow I asked my heart to quit and to see the existed beauty around, if at all existed beyond my imaginary substantial existence. which ahead got buried when the time passed away with the leftover inbuilt  those imagined thoughts today. But this too has to pass as i would again be with those memories to remind myself for the reassurance of it to happen again, with the same me but slightly updated version of my thoughts.  Now it's all new and i am still in my subconscious state for it to be rewarded sooner or later. Because the thoughts were so far dead but the heart was still ongo!