Best moments in my hostel

By: A.Bharathi

         Best moments in my hostel

Life with new members who teach  new lesson to us or give us new beautiful moments. All we are moving the path towards our future. So, we should have cross the path which has given by god for us. While we moving in the path our lives, we come across many beautiful moments with lots of fights and happiness. In my thought, I wanted to wear the happiness alone in my heart often. But we are just a humanbeing. So, an evil things and good things are always came and stays in our mind freely. If we want to overcome from an evil things in our mind, prayer can help us a little bit. But, the things are not wiped away from us totally. In this story based on my hostel moments with a lot of happiness and enjoyments.

      I entered my hostel first day, I met so many guys who gave me a warm welcome. Seniors who are not shows partiality, instead they treat me like a sister. I felt that I enter into the new world, where stays happiness alone ofen. In truth, it is not like that. Everything has disappears in any moments. We should not expect anything from anyone. 

    But, the real thing is that all are good, at the same time all are not always good. And every thing depends upon our own mind. If we deeply judge the world, in the end we will suffer a lot. So, I separate the happiness moments and want to share through this story.

      One storey building, my room is in the first floor. The building which looks like a square shape. In the middle of the building, a small ground is there. Where many plants are there. Out of the building, looks like a jungle. Because, many trees are  there. Nearly fifty students in my hostel. All of them are outwardly very good sort of guys. If anyone ask a help, without having any hesitation to done for others. And if anyone are in sick, without asking any help to anyone, the whole members who help the sick person willingly. All the people in my hostel, they are a good sharers of snacks to one another. Morning and night, songs playing for an hour. So, I can saw the dance daily in my hostel. I just simply watch an everything arround me. I am not mingled with that good dancers. Everyday moves on like that. Monthly once we have three films. When we are having no exams or having any works of the week, the committee members who arranged the movie. Eight o'clock film puts on the television, when all the lights are switched off. All the members in the hostel, who are all sat in the small ground with taking snacks, bed sheets, pillows, news papers, mosquitoes cream and all. Newspaper for we sat on it. All are waking and watch till the end of the first film. Then all the faces covered by the bedsheets. Ten percentage guys alone who watch the film till the end of the third film. Need to have patience for watch all the movies, so we should appreciate for the ten percentage people. Honestly I am not in the list of the ten percentage people, I always very eager to sat with my friends to watch the film. But in the half of the movie, I alone stand and take my bedsheets and pillows to sleep in my bed, otherwise I slept the small ground with watching movie, stars and moon in the sky..