Things I learned from you

By: A.Bharathi

              ​​​​    Things l learned from you

            Three years of journey with a lot of sweet moments, happiness with you. And also I learned many things from you. Even a little things, I observed a lot of things. I am very excited to share some things to you from this about somethings once you have taught to me and somethings what I have learned from you.

          When exams conducted in our class without mam, many guys are not write in own. Even I also wrote the same way for one time. When you said that let them write in anyway, but let's write our own. When the advice from you, till now I keep on following your counsel. All because of you my dear sister, so all the  credit goes to you.

            When you help to others without an expectation, that is inspired very much to me. In my life, till now I can't see anyone like you. You know what, even a small thing happened like "mam won't come now" said by you for the first time. When Malathi mam gave a test before the day. But you are so cool say that why are you afraid for her. Twist is that may didn't come as you say. From that day onwards, when you are saying like that. I had a hope that what you say it will definitely happened. I just have a thought about God is inside with her. So only these are the things are happening. Then onwards only, I also have a faith upon god. The reason I believe God is only for you. These small things are like a small seeds, which helps to grow my faith like a firm tree. Whenever you are so active to do all the things, from that I can known about you . When I watched your speech, which always like an optimistic one. And whenever you did anything, I thought myself you are right always. 

      Your cheerful face and your cheerful words removes my pains and strengthen my soul. Your sweet voice never make to feel tired or bored. Your confidence and faith, which made me to feel very proud. You are my very special friend in my life.  These things are  a little bit alone. But this is not enough to say about you. Many things are there, I will reveal soon. However or whatever, you are so good. My points only about my assumption about you. But it is not enough to define  your character. I often tell you that I like you very much. For what reason, I like you so much, Do you ever think that? It depends upon your good character. Even if you get away from me, I think it's okay. Because it is your decision, it will not be a wrong one. It may be a good oneπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

         Good girl sister, great buddy, genius, my soul, busy bee madam, best teacher, very good Akka, nice guy, lovely girl, best advicer, good part in my life, the peak of patience,  generosity fellow, healer of my pain, bestiee.... These are the awards, which is for you from me....