Conversation between two friends

By: A.Bharathi

conversation between two friends

Renu: Hello Ramya, how are you?

Ramya: I am fine. what about you?

Renu: yah, I am good. You have any ideas as to what you want to do this weekend?Ramya: No, I am not quite sure yet. And what are you going to do?

Renu: I am going to watch the movie with my friend. Would you like to join with me?
Ramya: I will try to come with you. Before that I ask permission with my mom.
Renu: okay Ramya, I will wait for your call, bye.
Ramya: bye
Ramya: Mom  (halting a moment) few minutes before Renu called me, mom.
Divya: so what dear, how is she?
Ramya: yea mom, she is fine. But...
Divya: Mmm, then what do you want to say to me?
Ramya: Mom, she invites me to watch movie in the weekend.
Divya: Hey, Are you joke with me? What a pity situation goes on this world? All are suffering in the epidemic disease covid-19. But you and your friend are very cool to discuss about to watch movie. I gave you freedom to go any places with your friends before lockdown.
Ramya: yah mom, I agree with you. But she alone call me and invites me know, Renu is my close friend. how can I neglect her?
Divya: I am talking about current situation which goes on like a terrible one. But you are talking about your friendship. Dear, I am saying with a care for you and your friend. 
Ramya: okay mom, I can understand, what you are saying. Okay mom I will call Renu to decline the plan.
Divya: okay dear, you will call her and inform. And tell her that should not go to watch movie. 
Ramya: okay mom, I will say to her.
Renu: Ramya, have you got a permission from aunty?
Ramya: sorry, Renu. I am not come with you. My mom talked about our health condition. Because of Corona, many people are dying. They are suffering a lot. In this situation, we should not have our own desire. By god’s grace we are still alive. So, my mom said that you also not  to go to watch movie.
Renu: yea You are right. Okay, you convey to aunty that I will not go to movie.
Ramya: yea I will inform to mom. Thanks for your acceptance. I am very glad about your speech. 
Renu: All right. For good time, I calling you. Otherwise I may went to watch movie. 
Ramya: For sure, we will go another day after all the problems come to an end.
Renu: okay dear, I am also thinking like that.
Ramya: Renu, my mom wants to talk with you.
Renu: okay ma, you give the mobile to aunty.
Divya: Hello Renu, how are you?
Renu: yea aunty I am fine, how about you?
Divya: yea dear I am fine. I am very glad about your acceptance.
Renu: I want to say thanks for you and your concern upon Ramya and me, aunty. We clearly understood about your speech. Hereafter I will not think like that. And I will suggest and aware others too. 
Divya: okay ma, very good. I have many household works. Take care dear. Shall I give phone to Ramya?
Renu: okay bye aunty. You too also safe. 
Ramya: How is aunty and uncle?
Renu: yea ma, they are fine. I am lucky to have you are my friend. Thank you so much for your concern on me and my family. Okay dear, take care.
Ramya: you too also safe, okay bye
Renu: Bye ma.