Pathetic and worst condition of child labourers

By: A.Bharathi

pathetic and worst condition of child labourers

    In the world many children are suffering as child labourers. They lived in a gloomy state. The main reasons for their sufferings were poverty and their innocence, which stimulated them for their pathetic situation. So they indulged with distress in their life. From this poem, we can clearly understand that many children endure the pain of slave-trade. In a very small age they are entirely under the control of their masters. They suffer great deal of pains and work hard till death. They never look forward of their futurity. The employers who treat the children as a slaves extract their health and they take away the life of the children day by day. So they lack energy in their life. In their life they have no money and starue very much. In the society also discrimination prevails. Eventhough the Government takes steps to improve their life style yet they are surviving in their old ethics. Bondage is one of the evil thing in the society. World mainly centres around the rich and the aristocratic. The poor have wore really hard and they earn hardly enough to keep body and soul together but the rich landlords and aristocrats enjoy all the benefits by using their labour. There is no state educational system for the poor people. Children of well-to-do families are luckier than the poor children. Elementary education is must for the children under the age of 15. But some people are not following this educational system.

     Our real problem in India is not politics. It is social based because our society only discriminates the people. This condition is not only prevailing in India, but among all nations. 

           From the earliest beginning of History, India had the problems of racial unity, oppression, discrimination and slave trade.If we want to find the solution for these problems. We have to try to change our society. Then only we can get the solution of these problems. The upper class people suppress the low class people as a dominated one. When a child lost his/her own mother, he/she lacks the fondness of his/her mother. This leads the child to stay aloof. This is the foremost pitiable state of the child. Children are unaware of the meaning for “death”. Child labourers could not tolerate the pain and sufferings. So they are longing for death in a very small age. The pathetic condition in this poem is that the father itself sold his son to an industry as a worker. In some family parents themselves sell their children in return of a few pennies many children are not willing to go to the school and they stop their schooling. Due to these reasons, children in their young age become child Labourers. Even though government provides many opportunities like free and compulsory education to children our society does not provide importance to these things.