That refreshing cup of coffee!

By: Ayushi Bhatnagar

Lightning, thunderstorms and the brisk air that whisked-away her only shelter. Running after her umbrella completely deprived of sanity, she screamed in frustration. Okay! Now you’ll also betray me! Fine, go. 

      It was not only about the rain and umbrella that Lavanya had lost her calm.


I was cold so, I ran into the Classic coffee cafe and took a panoramic view of the colorful interior, all I could see were happy faces, organized bookshelves, steaming hot coffee cups, groups chilling and dancing on mild guitar tunes.

      I took my cup of coffee and sat on a table that was close to the entire fun n frolic. 

      While enjoying my coffee, I overheard some conversations...

One of them doesn’t have a place to live anymore!. One is tired of finding his foot as a dancer. That girl whose parents are forcing her for marriage. Someone who left home to become an actor three years ago. And a cancer patient. 

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned. 

Hi, I am Arman. 

Hello Arman, I am Lavanya.

Lavanya, I saw you gazing at my group. 

Yeah! I’m sorry.

It’s okay. Come, you can join us. 

     I sat with all of those amazing people for the next two hours. I listened to their stories and told them mine.

     I thanked everyone as we departed.

It was much clear now as the rain had stopped, the wind was nice and I could smell the petrichor.

     As I walked home, I replayed every memory.

I’d a completely different view before I walked into that coffee shop. I am much sorted and surely motived about life now that I can even give a Ted talk. 

Every friend I made today had their problems and were of different age group but what united them was their love for coffee and their will to fight back. 

     I learned how situations will suck, but never let them define you. I saw that people with different ideologies can still be friends. I understood that you should never trip over what is behind you. And I learned that life will keep on throwing lemons at you but you have to catch them all and turn it into something resembling lemonade. 

      Now when I am home, I still feel the taste of coffee and the effect of the conversation I had.