Dance of love

By: Harmeet Kaur

Whenever I think of Love , I automatically imagining myself dancing .Dancing on the rhythm of my heart beat where my beloved is playing the same notes and adjusting his moves in support of my footstep .The non stop dance ,up down ,left right placement and there is closeness,gazing into eyes of each other and sensing stillness, To experience more closeness ,more stillness the movement becoming fast and faster .There is velocity in the dance and added pain to indulge more senses and finally dissolving of self and disappearance of two .What is left? Completeness of the illusion and imagination .Every step is so so perfect .


In three dimension space there is veil. This veil of many layers thickness  not allowing to surrender n to enter into the fourth dimension where nakedness merges with the silence and leave a packet of quanta whose aroma disperse all over .The aroma is healing existing ones n blesses the coming ones ❤️