Sex ,A taboo

By: Harmeet Kaur

very unusual to speak about the experience of Intercourse for a man and a woman .Most of the people want to talk about it in form of jokes,all sort of advertisements and even through abusive language. It is surprising nobody talks about it sincerely n importantly.This process of Intercourse play an important role in everybody's life as life originates by this way only .This is the base of everyone's very existence on planet.let's explore it .let's add genuine experiences into it and guide our future generations to be at peace with this energy.

The very basic chemistry as well as biology of a man and a woman is very different .There are few facts related to them .

Man stores sperms n capable of one orgasm at a time .It takes time to produce sperms again while woman can have multiple orgasm . 

It is very quick to arose the sensuality of a man .It takes a longer time for her to warm up and before she even gets warmed up ,the man is done.

For many of women it is not allowed to express themselves and go deep in their own sensuality .Girls from good family don't explore this part of them and they get deprived of their natural gift of orgasmic pleasure .

woman needs a long foreplay as sensual points are scattered all over her body .

So at least people should be more understanding while making love .This lack of understanding give birth to fear of intimacy . Sex becomes more n more brain activity ,full of techniques rather than becoming spontaneous . Intimacy include moments of being authentic and true to yourself and then emerges merging and melting of two bodies in the state of egolessness ,mindlessness and timelessness .