By: sanskriti

The violent sea threw them together only to tear them apart yet again. A girl says who swept into the tides of love.

Boiling or freezing 

I really can't tell

I just feel uneasy. . .

I listen to blues

But it's still no substitute for you

Admitting it is as difficult as wood

But deep down you know


I ain't the best

Am just a little different from rest

choices better exist for sure

I just talked with fate

He said; If you can wait we will be great. . . .

We don't need to date

to feel loved, TRUE LOVE

grows from the seed of friendship

I don't need to posses you

to appreciate you. . .

In all I owe you all,

I wish you the best

Who will give you rest

In fate entwines our path

I would make you never regret it

I will always LOVE YOU!!