Half Story

By: Sahir Mallick

That time was 2017...
We meet each other on Social platform. Our college was different. But some how she know me. Her friends was my colleagues. They all know me but i don't known of them. Everyday she told me how was my day goes. I was thinking how can she know such of things. One day she told me "my friends are your colleagues and they all give me your details". I was happy. After that we both taking with each other daily. But don't know why after few months she stop talking with me. I tried to ask her but she never reply. 
But don't know why 2019 she again comment on my post.
She started taking with me. This time again i make fool myself and talk with her. Continuously taking with her. She calls me. Pick her calls then she share her every small thing with me. what she loved, what she disliked each and everything. But after all that our conversation goes text to emoji. At last we both sent each other last smile. And we never talk again.
But today we both unfollow each other. Unfriend each other. Delete the all Chats. Delete the number what was we saved. Cancel the all plans what we make.
I think how much we ignore the reality but we all save the memories which one we love most.