My Mother

By: Anshika Gupta

Fairy !
Yes I said Fairy !
They exist and are always around us .
Have you ever noticed ? 
You might have not , I know ! 
Beecause they don't have wings .
They don't wear a beautiful crown .
Yes they don't even fly or disappear .
But they are fairies and they are more Powerful !
I am talking of a lady in my house 
Who is either found in the kitchen 
Or is always busy correcting my things 
Who has a magical power , of reading my mind 
What I want and what is right 
She knows it all , that's her powerful sign 
From sharing her cookies to sharing my secrets 
She makes me so comfortable by her presence 
From forcing to have chapati to cooking pasta 
She knows what is good for me 
Scolding me shouting at me and then crying for me 
This bond between us is what most of you can see 
Sometimes strict sometimes a good friend 
We share all the precious and loving bonds 
Ohh I forgot to tell 
The name of the fairy in this tale 
She is none other than the one 
Whom we always admire and say 
She is my "Mother" the fairy of my tale