By: Prakhar Dixit

There is one verity that has been lying in perpetuity ever since life evolved on earth - " The fortune of mankind". One can do everything about it but cast it into the mould of desires. 

To one such life was destined a thirteen year old boy, Rudra, from the "City of salvation"- Haridwar. Inhabiting in one of the most isolated village of country named "Garudpur", Rudra's life was also like the village he lived in - isolated, lifeless, dejected and aimless. 

Living with the curse of a holy priest inflicted upon his ancestors centuries ago, when Rudra came to know about this devastating reality that "no one in their family would find escape to loneliness in times of need"..he was shattered into pieces.

The living moment of that curse arrived in his life  sooner than later. A natural calamity wreaked upon his family where he lost everything that he had. Dwelling for the search of life and a companion to live through his times, he finds life in his "shadow". Yes you heard it right - "SHADOW".

Befriended by his shadow, Rudra used to treat it like his alter ego, spending the entire day talking and sharing thoughts, he thought of it as the last hope in his life. In times when he had nothing but that illusion to live with, it was nothing less than everything for him.

One night when Rudra was sleeping in his solitude ,the unbelievable had happened.
His most loved shadow rose to life that night and introduced himself as the Shadow God - "Tamas". 

Thanking Rudra for the endearment for which he has been longing for eternity, God said -

" The one and the only recognition of  my existence came through you and you've proved that life ain't only about wishing for the wanted , it is about accepting the unwanted and making peace with it . I bless you here that you and your generations to arrive would never be left alone in life through all the thick and thins as may come".

The God disappeared into thin air.

Rudra lived the rest of his life treating it as a gift of almighty. By serving the unserved and loving the unloved, he eventually attained salvation. The loud and clear message is :

"You are born alone, You will suffer alone and you will die alone but what happens to you after death will be determined by your actions, taken while you were alive".