Fallen star

By: jonathan vaz



the story is completed but after 2 moths I can send it to your website due to the lock down am stuck in another state and my work is at my homeplace

the story can be taken in volumes as this  came be termed as vol.1 and I will release more in the future at least more than 12 vols.  the series is my original art work and is written and thought by me not characters or others match with similar content books I can guaranty you'll that ...


genre : harem , demon , fantasy , ecchi , comody , school , magic

its in english and its written by me 

this is how it starts but since I dont have the original I dont have the full manuscript or else this is how it starts 

Fallen star

What's this strange feeling !
It's like a dream but at the same time it doesn't seems like a dream. That day which felt just like a regular day and that falling star even a cute  girl who seemed to be having some kinda power saved me , but from what ? what was it ? 
oh yes ! it was that massive big star which was headed towards are city …I feel stupid now saying this but how can a girl out of no were come to me and saved me from that falling star !! its surely a dream ! dum of me even thinking about it fells like I was in a studio shooting a action sence !! never mind …
I'll be late for school if I don't get ready now I will be in great trouble.
hey … ! how was last night bro seems rought to me ! doesn't look like u had a good sleep . Is all fine !
Ya notting much ! 
By the way today a new student will be transferred to our school rumors say 'its a girl ..a beautiful girl and the she is same as our age .
Sounds sketchy to me , weird of me even saying this since my day doesn't seem to be going well !
what do you mean ?? Isn't the day just started as it is it's just  7:45 bro ?
hmm feels like am not my self today anyways dont let that bother you better make friends with that new transfer chick !
Now that's like my buddy !!

ch 1 : A whole new life

students I will like you to meet the newest recent student who has been transferred from America .

[due to the lock down am stuck in another state but after 2 month I will send u the full story sir ]