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This night wasn’t the same

This night wasn’t the same

Unlike previous nights,

A vibrant night.

Very few or none

Was so pretty& nonchalant as she

Try as much, my heart ran free.

A night for young.

She presided amidst thumping hearts.

Droned in pink ball gown,

Strewn with petals of light,

As if queen of flower,

On a walkout night.


Followed by lilies, daisies

And jasmines all whites

Fascinated, enthralled, enchanted

I couldn’t resist, but Gestured,

May I have the honour?

Of dancing tonight.


This night wasn’t the same

Eyes watching, ardently

For the next perky couple,

Lively gossips, cheeky tales.

There isn’t a corner, a floor space

We haven’t danced tonight, amidst

The rhythm of pulsating breathes,

The beats of prodding hearts,

The violins of exploring eyes.


And what may I say of my queen?

Silken curls rolling down the cheeks,

Magnificent emerald Hazel eyes,

Tempting tulips, smile like pearls of night.

I bet, the observers have

Grown younger tonight.


Not a beat did we miss

Not a hand, without applause

The musicians sweltering night has

Ignited a romance,

Swaying our feet’s away

From rumba, bolero to a tango.


This night was different,

We walked out of the door,

Unperturbed, soul searching,

Breathing heavy, on a still night.

Past the streetlights,

Under an exquisite, secluded

Moonlit amber sky,

Confessing this lively moment,

Requesting her name, I asked,

Can you spare some more time?


Emotions bare, happy that I asked,

Smiling she hugged and whispered,

“I have found my prince tonight”,

Oh my! So generous the heavens be,

For a frog has turned to prince

Without a kiss,

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