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The Puppies

The Puppies – The Maharaja Society

The puppies were too small, just born, you could see the energy in them and the curious look in their eyes, running and often tumbling, there were at least 6-7 of them all over in the garden. It was 6.00 am I was on the track and had just finished my third lap, when I noticed them. I was wondering how they entered the society complex in-spite of round the clock security. Being the secretary of a 1200 keys high-rise luxury residential complex, there are downsides too, questions will be raised.

It was 10.30 am, I noticed that Diksha, one of our Maharaja Society family was screaming at the security, for past half an hour she was at the gate and I could see the security guys running desperately towards the complex garden, and coming back shaking their head in negative response, this makes her all the more angry and she goes on top of her voice again.

Maybe not now but on my way to office, I will check out with the security what was the reason, just then the phone bell rang, it was from the main gate security cabin.

“Yonita Madam, I am Ravi here from the main gate, Diksha madam, is creating a big issue about the puppies. She wants them to be removed right now.

“Ravi, tell her that, it will be taken care of in few hours”. Said Yonita

“Madam, I explained it to her, but she wants them to be removed just now” said Ravi.

“Ok, I will call and speak to her” or could you please handover the receiver to Diksha madam.

“Hello Diksha, how are you?

“I am fine Yonita, hope you are fine too.

“Yonita, there are puppies running all over the complex, the children play around here, it could be dangerous, since the puppies are here the mother dog should be here too. Please tell the security to take them out of our complex just now” said Diksha.

 Diksha, I have already spoken to Municipal authorities, they will be here today and take them away.

Though she was mumbling over the phone about security and permission, the matter rested there.


It was 12.00 noon, I was busy in office with a meeting on our “Waste Recycling Project” I received a call from the society complex security, I did not answer it, after another five minutes I received a call again, this time I took the call, it was Ravi from the security.

“Yes Ravi, what happened? Did the municipality people come?

Madam, municipality people have come, but they are unable to do anything. Said Ravi. There is a problem.

Ravi was a capable and an experienced security manager, hence he was selected to mind the task of this huge complex, a multi community society, and he managed it well, as well he has earned the respect of residential members within a short period of 6 months. If he says there is a problem, it has to be something serious, else he wouldn’t have called.

What problem Ravi? I asked.

Madam, the mother dog of the puppies was hit and run over by one of the residential member’s car. Said Ravi.

“OMG” hope all well.

 “No Madam, the dog died, the kids have gathered and surrounded the driver, blaming him for the incident, they will not let the driver and vehicle go. It is Rauji’s car. The kids did not allow the municipality to take the puppies either.

I was losing my patience now “Ravi, tell the kids to move away from there and let the municipality authorities do their work and take the puppies away, that’ll end the matter.

“No Madam, the kids are not allowing anyone to come close to the incident, they are holding the driver responsible and accountable for the incident and Madam, Shantanu is leading them” said Ravi.

That was another issue, Shantanu is my son who loves nature and is very sensitive, and he is sometime adamant and has to be reasoned well to give up the motivation.

And Madam, the municipal authorities who have come said, they will not take the dead dog, it’s not their job, they are from animal rehab, said Ravi.

There were multi issues here now. I told Ravi, I will call back in few minutes and hung up.


It was 1.30 pm, when I reached the society, rescheduling my office meeting for next day. There was a huge crowd near the gate. The society members had gathered as they came looking for their children and now were involuntarily dragged into the issues and were having heated exchanges. The members were divided with two opinions, one in favour of the children and the other with the security. It seemed all going out of control.

 They saw me coming and one of the new resident members Mr. Pawne, spoke out saying “What’s going on, I came to the society, thinking it was the best, after paying a premium price, is this what we get, stray dogs running around in the complex?

Why are we paying a huge maintenance cost? Said another resident

And they started discussing among themselves, how the premises maintenance cost was higher comparatively, than the neighbouring societies.

I sensed the situation will go out of control, until something is done immediately, I looked for Shantanu, took him aside and spoke to him, they were ready to let go if allowed to keep the puppies.

I promised Shantanu to let him keep one puppy in the society and let others go and resolve the issue, Shantanu spoke to his friends and they did not agree for it, finally decided with 2 puppies and let others go.

I agreed for it now, perhaps we could find a better solution later, at the moment it was necessary to disperse the crowd, the moment the children leave from here, the parents too will move out before too many opinions, suggestions start piling up and situation going out of control.

The children agreed to keep 2 puppies with them, they dispersed and along with them went the parents too, rest of the puppies were taken away by the municipal authorities, and meanwhile they had called up another department to take away the dead dog. The matter was over by 4 pm. The kids were happy, the driver was scared of losing his job if society takes an action, but as Rauji was out of station we did not initiate further action, but left the driver with a warning to be careful while driving inside the complex.

Understanding the sensitivity of the situation and handling it with care when multiple minds are involved requires empathetic approach and a great understanding of human behaviour. Had it not been the wise and best management by Yonita, perhaps the situation could have been worse.

“The solution to complex situation sometimes lies in the origin of the crisis”

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