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👩‍👦Caring Little Brother of Mine👩‍👦

When a teacher who approaches in a friendly manner with her or his students, they will also be a very good friend to them.

Likewise, my students also approaches me in that manner. When i am entering into my training as a teacher trainee, i feel a little bit of nervous to teach for boys. but, when i start to move on with them, it has been totally changed by their love and cooperation. I am handling English subject for a class of students who are studying eighth standard. One of my student name is Faris. He is also like a young brother or a good friend to me than a student. Soon, we became a best friends.

Even when I come to home from school, I spend most of my time chatting with him. He is a good brother of mine. A few words about him is that he is very affectionate. Whenever I talk with him, I feel so glad and get happiness of talk. He always expects me to wear a great smile on my face. For that, he will do a lot. Without missing a single day, he would inquire about my well-being. Not a day goes by that I am not asked if you have eaten or what you are doing. The only affectionate younger brother who has so much affection for me. I consider him more as my younger brother than a student. Honestly saying, I am so lucky to have him in my life as a younger brother✨👩‍👦.


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