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His mind boggling questions 🤹‍♂️

Today ,again I’m confused by the same person.

His questions are like a flurry fountain.

Some are simple but mostly are mind boggling.

As if all my gliding ideas started goggling.

Questions are like,

after listening, you will fall in total disbelief.

Finding a person who you’ve never even seen, such a question.

Finding a person who is very powerful, such a question.

Finding a person who is the best person on this planet, such a question.

Finding a person who has poems inside but is not a poet, such a queer question.

Oh ! Yes , Yes. I know.

Your mind is spinning now.

☆☆☆ Shh…… there is a secret.

He has the answers to these questions.

Oh ! Yes sir

One day you will introduce me to that person.

As you stated…..

Still I’m confused.

I am literally confused.

But now I like to be confused by you.


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