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Shall I call myself thy lover 💗?

O Mommy! Shall I call myself thy lover?

Do thou feel the same senses and love in me?

Catch me in thy heart and wrap it with a glamouring cover.

Then we will be two lovers in one red heart with its glee.

Thy heartbeats are roaming in the streets of my heart,

those heartbeats are cupcakes made by the confectioner of mine.

Every single moment, I order those cupcakes of my sweetheart.

As soon as the tune of heartbeats whispering, my soul divine.

Should I call myself thy lover for those heartbeats?

O my princess! thou and me in a single red castle,

You’re mine , always be mine , hundred times I repeat.

To see between clouds’ obscurity, those heartbeats twinkle.

I get restless without those heartbeats’ buzz.

Yes ,yes! My love is indeed, see my indeed’s love.


I started writing a sonnet cycle . In this cycle there will be a collection of my poems .I hope you enjoy🥰

~Muskan Dahiya ✍🏻

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