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Sonnet lll– Can thee care ever be judged๐Ÿ’“?

Thou more beautiful than any blossom flower,

they blossom every heyday, thou cares infinity.

My life came with my mommy, I assure.

Thee womb cares me for nine months, O! my divinity .

Merry mortal moments, balm of thee touch during shower.

True love is eternally true, it embellishes our affinity.

Can this care ever be judged which I devour?

Thee hurts , yet being hurted, just for dignity.

Thy care beyond my comparison, beyond my reach.

Though feel the favorably feelings, not be defined.

Sonnets are beautiful but thou beauty overreach.

Regardless the brightness of heaven or the darkness of hell, weโ€™re entwined.

Not enough to give thou , hug or love or kiss,

I should live a self-worth life she wants, sheโ€™ll bliss.


~Muskan Dahiya โœ๐Ÿป

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Muskan Dahiya