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Planning Shattered

This New Year 2020, I had planned big for me and my family. We had planned an abroad trip in summer vacations. As time went the mysterious Corona Virus came to light. First, people thought that this is a normal flu-type disease which started in China’s Wuhan city. As time flew, it started to emerge in every country, and now more than 213 are affected. Making its way in every country it also started to emerge in India, and on 24th March 2020 our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi declared a nationwide lockdown as a counter, but till then it was too late. Major Indian states were adversely affected by this virus. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared this as a pandemic. This news drove the people crazy but it all came to rest when doctors told us that there is no need to panic, there are some steps that can be taken to prevent this from affecting us. Wear a mask as it protects you from a cough or sneeze droplets which carry this virus, wear a pair of gloves as we touch many surfaces that may be contagious and the most important is to maintaining social distancing because at these harsh times we should try to maintain a distance of at least 5-6 meters from each other.

In the end, I would like to say we should take care of ourselves till there is a vaccine to this fatal virus.


Last but not least planning shattered

_ Ronakk Mittal

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