Aligned to Win

Aligned To Win

by Ashish Pachory


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Is a book on aligning business and technology. Adoption of Technology for Business and Alignment of Technology with Business are the twin engines to propel enterprise growth in the digital era. Unless both are firing together, you can neither attain sufficient altitude nor enough speed to stay competitive. Harness the power of this combined force (aligning business and technology) by mastering the simple and proven techniques that help Business and IT achieve their shared mission, which is to make the business successful.

Across industries and sectors, enterprises today must straddle two agendas at once:
1. The innovation-driven transformation to digital systems,
2. The preservation of best practices in business management and conduct.

In other words, (book on aligning business and technology) they must ride the digital wave without losing their grip on the business basics required to stay afloat. Only companies that have invested in this alignment between Business and Technology at the level of their culture, strategy, structure,processes, intellect, function and tactics will survive as digital enterprises. These seven dimensions of Business-IT Alignment, or BITA, are the foundation on which a successful digital business is built. This book on aligning business and technology has the following content:

1 The way Things were…
2 Business-IT Alignment: Platitude or Survival?
3 Redefining IT in the times of BITA
4 The Digital Economy and what BITA has to do with it
5 BITA: An Outside-In View
6 What’s Your BITA Level?
7 Setting the Stage for the Digital Enterprise
8 The Making of the Digital Enterprise
9 The Culture Connection
10 The Strategy Statement
11 The Structure Story
12 The Process Paradigm
13 The Intellectual Interlock
14 The Functional Focus
15 The Tactical Touch
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About the Author

Ashish is an industry veteran with over three decades of experience in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) field, through its evolution from discrete systems in the 80s to advanced digital systems in the connected world of today. After the completion of his 5-year degree course in Electronics and Telecommunications engineering in 1981, he was associated with some very outstanding Indian and global corporations as a practitioner and leader, working with clients and associates around the world. In 2016, he changed course to freelance as a business-technology consultant and corporate trainer, while pursuing his passion for writing. In his last full-time assignment, he was the Chief Information Officer for the multi-billion-dollar telecom venture of Tata, India’s leading conglomerate. He was also a member of the Tata group technology council, headed by the chairman.

Earlier, he worked in leadership positions with some distinguished products and services organizations, renowned globally for their innovative practices and influence on shaping the business-technology landscape of the future. These include Nokia, Amdocs, Bell-Labs (Lucent), Hughes, and Wipro.


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