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ISBN 9789395217514
Languages Urdu and Hindi
Pages 176
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Poetry book in Urdu and Hindi


Rang-e-Sehr denotes colourful dawn similar to the dawn of life.

As the name suggests, the poet uses various hues of life, like love, empathy, ego, despair, hate, bigotry and reverence for life in his poetry.

ज़ुलमते शब जाग कर भी कट जाएगी

जिसका तसव्वुर है अब वह सहर आए

वीराँ गुलशन फिर से महकने लगे खिलने लगे

कोई मसीहा धरती से उठे कोई रहबर आए

ظلمتِ شب جاگ کر بھی کٹ جائےگی

جس کا تصور ہے اب وہ سحر آئے

ویراں گلشن پھر سے مہکنے لگے کھلنے لگے

کوئی مسیحا دھرتی سے اُٹھے کوئی رہبر آئے

About the Author

Avtar Singh, an octogenarian now, had seen the holocaust of partition of India in 1947 and still carries vivid memories of that carnage and has penned his poems on that subject. His earlier book titled, ‘KHAMOSH SADAYEN’ also mentions the pains and passions of real life.

His thoughts are relevant in today’s times due to their progressive nature. He has a fervour to see humanity shift from darkness to light. His poems teach awareness and exude hope.

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