Terms & Conditions OF USE
Any person that uses our website will need to adhere to the terms and conditions as listed here in our agreement. For those who do not agree to our terms as listed here may not use our website.

  1. Poet and Author Spotlight is a free platform.
  2. The content published on Poet and Author Spotlight, should be copyright free.
  3. A writer’s content belongs to the writer and at no point will Zorba Books will lay any claim to it. Except for the following:
    1. Zorba Books maintains the right to remove any blog/blogs/content that is found to be
      plagiarised or with copyright issues without prior intimation.
    2. Any content found to be malicious or hurts the sensitivity of any individual or community. Zorba Books’ decision will be final
  4. Zorba Books retains the right to make any policy decision regarding the said platform from time to
  5. Policy, terms and conditions for this platform may change with no prior notice and Zorba Books
    reserves the right to do so.
  6. The intent of the Poet and Author Spotlight Platform is to benefit writers and authors by providing
    a free platform to practise and showcase their writing skill and to be enable them to produce a
    free soft copy of their book for further sales and distribution.
  7. It is the sole responsibility of the author to ensure that the book he creates on Poet and Author
    Spotlight is as close to the layout and contents as they desire.
  8. The author undertakes to use the book creating software at his/her responsibility and Zorba
    Books will not be liable for any shortcomings in the book creation software.
  9. The author must review the contents and the layout before printing.
  10. It is possible that the software may experience hitches from time to time.
  11. It is the writer’s responsibility to review his/her work before printing and correct any mistake
  12. It is a free service and Zorba Books does not take any responsibility arising from publishing the
    blog or creating a book.
  13. Any email support for free blogs or publishing, that may be provided will only be at the
    convenience of Zorba Books.