MRP Calculator

Author Royalty Calculator
Approximate MRP is the lowest price that you can fix for your book. This price includes the printing and distribution cost. The author royalty calculator will tell you.
The aproximate MRP is influenced by the total number of pages, color pages in a book,the type of cover- hard cover or paper back and size of book.
Yes you can fix an MRP that is higher then the approximate MRP.
A approximate MRP is recommended for novels. Books that are specialized or niche books you can keep a higher MRP.
First calculate minimum MRP. You can increase author royalty by increasing the MRP or by reducing the number of pages in your book but keeping the MRP same. Use the author royalty calculator to know.
The author royalty is 100% of net profit and the net profit is calculated by subtracting the book production cost and the distribution cost from the MRP.
The distribution cost will include the distributors margin plus overheads of sending books to the distributors.