Writers Challenge

📚🌞 Summer Writing Contest! 🌞📚

Attention all storytellers!

This summer, we invite you to sprinkle some magic into writing stories for children.  The Children’s Story Writing Contest is now open, and we can’t wait to see your creativity!

How to Participate:

Write your story and post it on the DIY Platform. Share it with your friends, family, and readers for genuine feedback. Stories submitted via email will not be considered for the contest.

Judging Criteria:

  Genre: Children’s Story

 Winning Criteria:  Two stories with the most comments (genuine) will win. A minimum of 5 comments from 5 different readers are required. Remember, feedback should be thoughtful, not just “good” or “fine”!

Submission Details:

📅 Closing Deadline: 21st June, 2024

💰 Submission Fee: NIL

Prizes to be Announced

How To Win the Writers Contest

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GROW your audience with these unbelievably easy-to-follow tips and watch your readers

  • Select a topic, keeping the competition requirements in mind. Start writing.
  • Write in a language that you are most comfortable with.
  • Write as simply as possible – avoid difficult words.
  • Start writing; the genre is “Write a story that children will like to read.”
  • Share the story across every platform you are a part of, requesting readers to give feedback on the story- Social Media, WhatsApp, etc
  • Encourage and respond to all feedback you receive

Winners’ Board For the Poetry Challenge’24

RankBlog TitleWinnersViews
I have voted and you?
Muskan Dahiya 592
Kathyashree Shanbhogue513
3Words UnsaidKathyashree Shanbhogue432
4A,An,The “ Articles of Lifesumeghasharma521
5Who WillShampa Saha329
6‘तुम और में'(छंद)Nishant Jain “shubh”246


If you have any questions on the writing challenge, send us your query through the Contacts Us form.