Book Publishing Company for First Time Authors / New Writers and Published Authors

Reading is a passion, and Zorba Books has a long term commitment to books. Our publishing journey began eight years ago when we cut our teeth with the traditional form of book publishing company. We developed contacts and got to know the trade bottom up. In this journey, we came across numerous new authors/first-time authors and new writers who never got a chance to publish their books. Often new authors often feel alienated from the publishing process. The publishing process can be lengthy and uncertain.

In order to tackle these and other publishing issues that Indian writers/Indian authors face, we set up Zorba Books.  Indian publishers accepting new authors. To offer book publishing in India to new authors, first-time authors, new writers and published authors. We offer authors help to, publish Hindi book or publish a book in English, in all genre, fiction or non-fiction, novel, academic, technical, children to management.

Indian writers needed an Indian publisher accepting new authors that will provide new and fresh thinking and offer the best publishing for new authors in India.  Also marrying of  Indian values with MNC-like work culture. At Zorba, we decided to set up a book publishing company that Indian writers could trust and rely on and offer quality with an understanding of publishing process on par with conventional publishing . A self-publishingcompany with the aim of carrying out the publishing process with professionalism and transparency.  Alongside to produce books with the world-class quality so your book gets the best chance of success.

Many new or first-time writers struggle to become published authors. Zorba Books publishers for new authors in India. Come to Zorba Books and be bindaas – you will get an honest and transparent publishing experience and a book of exceptional quality.

Your manuscript represents your passion, joy, hard work and creativity. Come – share it with the larger world (and also earn some money along the way).

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