Publish a Children’s Book in Simple Steps to Grow a Childs’s Creativity
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Many youngsters show early promise of active imagination, a vast vocabulary and an instinct for
storytelling. Many alert parents spot this gift in the child and want to encourage it. Often they don’t know how?
Here we have a few suggestions for you:

  1. Help children join various online publishing sites which support blog posting*
  2. Help them to start a blog of their own, if they are old enough
  3. Help children publish their creative output as a book. This book is a repository of their creative
    growth and more.
    Once the child has the content ready, edited and proofread, you are prepared to move forward with the next step of publishing a children’s book online. At Zorba Books, a top rated children’s book publishers in India, we ensure our young writers get as much attention as older writers or maybe more.
    We offer Print-on-Demand Children’s Books to keep the books always available for sale. OJI3w6kEcSxLiuC9X&index=1&t=10s
This is a parents take on the affect writing and publishing had on his child OJI3w6kEcSxLiuC9X&index=3
Author feedback publishing with Zorba Books

If you are looking for a one of it’s kind children’s book publisher that understands the nuances for publishing a children’s book and accordingly create layouts, illustrations, editing and cover page, so the book makes an impact on the intended audience.

There are several children’s book publishers in India, and when it comes to Zorba Books it is one of the best platforms for children’s book publishing.

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We can help you to self-publish a children’s book, story book as well as academic book. Send us a sample of the manuscript over email or you can visit the office.

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*Encourage children to join online sites that support blog posting