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DARK CASTLE DARK CASTLE Part one : THE WITCH with BROKEN HEART A boy woke up his name was Alex . He lived with his sister. His sister name was Lucy . She worked at a zoo . They lived in a small house on rent . They also had a small dog .Its breed was a begele his name was Alie . They always went library once a week at 5 O clock .Alex was studying in a local school . Lucy told Alex to bath and get ready and to eat his breakfast . He replied “I am changing my clothes I will be in second” . Lucy drive her car to Alex school and then she drooped him and drive to zoo and started doing her work after doing her job she went to take Alex at his school after that they took Alie and went library . Alex asked Lucy that can she buy him a Harry potter books . she luckily said yes . they went library and saw a glowing book all alone shining like a gem he discovered that it was pretty old book . he read 1876-1965 time of making book he was shocked to see it .then Lucy said him won’t you need Harry potter they bought it and when they went they saw a letter it says in their home hello , Alex you are invited to a school event and bring Lucy also yours friend tom “I think your having nice friends Lucy said. They looked very happy when The day came when they have to go to function in school Lucy noticed something strange happening that her mirror had a drop of blood . She thought for a minute that Alex is playing with and it was not blood but soon she realize that it was real she ran furiously towards Alex and Alie to check if they were fine or not but they were completely fine . When Alex asked what happened she said nothing and said can we go now Alex said yes . Lucy drive her car and soon they reached school function Alex friend Tom, Atony and Max were waiting for them to reach . Max tell Lucy and Alex that they have found something very cool . As they moved towards an old hut Alex said why they are going towards hut Atony said to just wait and watch . Alex found out that Max was opening that book which he have seen in library . Tom said be ready guys for travel to another world . they were swallowed by the book Lucy angerly said it is not cool and fun it could put them in danger. But boys did not listen they saw a unicorn and started raiding it but it was so difficult to believe that what just they saw . Alex was raiding a unicorn which turned black and became a snake . A really big snake it was trying to eat everyone but an injured dragon came and fire was coming out of his mouth it easily killed snake and said “ it is not safe here go to your world” but Alex said “how can a dragon speak” dragon said “your majesty lord my name is Albert but you can call me dragon” Alex said “why you are calling me majesty” dragon said “your grand grand grandfather save us from a…a….a… w….witch it was evil and she killed my friend and Mrs Lucy you and Mr Alex save us our world” “how can we” said Lucy . in between a witch came and said “ so these are children of Sam and Samantha “ who are they” said Alex the evil witch said “your father and mother I am proud of killing them and I am going to kill you in my jail in middle of sea” dragon said “ run kids as fast as you can and you evil witch you are going to die” “so a normal dragon can kill a witch that rule for centuries” she said and laughed and killed poor dragon and started running toward them . “freeze” she said and Tom, Atony and Max got freeze but Lucy and Alex made successfully out but at cost of their friends . The book got closed and Alex said “can we save our friends” Lucy said “who is that witch I am going to kill her” in order to kill we need to find a sword , bow , arrow and to destroy palace of fire and there are five of them if we destroy it we will get powers” said Alex “who do you know” said Lucy . Alex said “ in manual of book” they ran towards library in which Alex had seen the book before to their surprise library was never existed they even talk to police but police said that there was no library in town they were hopeless until a old man siting in street was begging for money and man said “you both are saviour ohh! Sorry I am Sam your father friend we saw that witch firstly in your family we thought to kill her but she was too powerful that Sam died” “please come to our home and tell how to kill her” Lucy said they were going to Lucy house and when they sat down that man told that his name was Lucus and said “ in order to kill her we need to get sword , bow , arrow and magical power from palace of fire they are located in five corners of magical world we need a plan” Alex asked “ what is origin of witch” Lucus said “she was one of member of their group once they found a book just like them and when found out book was magical they started playing around with it but when they found that it was like a game full of quiz and once you reached end you will be rewarded they completed it and their friend got powers and turned evil they tried to beat her but she got even stronger and stronger” “ we need to find a way we need to stop her or she will kill our friends” said Lucy then Lucus said “I need rest I am old man now” Alex said “I can take you to bed” but Lucy was still thinking of drop of blood when she saw in mirror . something was written in blood on mirror . When she pushed it . It led to a secret room deep inside she called Alex and when they both started going they saw a sword with a beautiful ruby its handle, it was made up of gold . It belongs to prince Alex . And they saw trapdoor when they both went through trapdoor there was a maze . there was written princess and prince will save world with a bow of heaven and sword from hell both will end evil spirit . “I think I am going in” said Lucy but was it a clever plan of witch . Yes it was but without knowing they went in maze and they realize that it was a plane of witch Alex said “it is a trap now find exit Lucy” soon a house came near them and it was a mansion but that witch came from entrance of door and said “you could be my servant, now I will have 5 servants including you both” “ we are not servants” said Lucy “you are little kids and servant” said witch and cast a spell on them before Alex could harm her with his sword . Alex and Lucy were floating with locked hands and legs because of her spell and she took them to her moving house “you girl, you have to clean my house and boy you will bring me heat core of dragon and unicorn head with your stupid sword” said witch and introduced them to other servants named Jake, Hanna and Kane. Kane was the most shy but he and Alex became friends . Hanna said “it’s a very big house it got never ending library and a bunch more places to clean and Jake is always studying books and trying way to get out” “OK, I am Lucy” said Lucy . when they explore house Alex notices some odd books some were even named how to kill that witch . “OK now stop what you are doing now do your work and Alex come here” said witch . Witch says “ go and kill unicorn and bring me his head . Alex goes into a dark forest and starts finding unicorn when he found it he thinks I should not kill this poor unicorn but he closes his eyes and kills unicorn . “so you are there Alex” said witch she eats unicorn eyes . all kids were going to bed to sleep but Alex was in library where he reads book called prince and princess while reading that book he finds his friends frozen and as small as a ant pointing a closed door Alex treys to open it but it was closed by a spell . next day Lucy was cleaning but she notices about witch that she have learned spell from a spell book she ran towards library and sees that witch have killed Jake and she was laughing and she was casting spell on Alex to torture him but Lucy in anger throws coffee on witch face . The witch became very angry that she was about to kill Lucy but Kane and Alex casted spell but no effect on her as she was about to kill Lucy but suddenly a mutant dog appeared and dog save them and they all ran away they were running till the end of dark forest they were middle of nowhere . As they were going further away from witch house they saw half horses and half human they said “prince and princess how can we help you” Alex said “please find a shelter for us and my arm is bleeding can you fix it” there name was hourman one of the hourman said “OK we can find a shelter and prince please show your arm” Alex arm was fixed by an herb and they also found a good shelter. They discovered that mutant dog was Alie and hourman showed them how to fight . they were looking to go to home but they found that Kane was having quiz they saw a way to find their first palace of fire they were now on a journey . firstly they went to gateway to hell where were some guards . Alex said “how can we go in” Lucy said “hourman go and kill them” and when hourmem finally defeated guards they saw a giant troll which killed one of hourmen they were looking afraid but a man came and save them from troll . their was a village next to them the man says “I am Lucus” Alex said “how you’re here uncle” . To their surprise Lucus brought that library book they travelled to real world . On other side the witch goes to dark forest and saw a man in jail . she says “I am going to kill your kids” . It was actually Alex and Lucy father he was covered in blood and was injured . The witch cast a spell in her mind and the bars of jail despairs and he grab man from hair and takes out a knife and takes eye out of man. The man screamed . Unicorns came and witch killed one of them but unicorns take man to a building and turned out Alex planned this . When he was killing unicorn he found man and made plan to rescue him . Alex said “ so you are their father” what he said father!!!. turned out man was Lucy and Alex father and the witch was their mom someone is controlling her. Lucus hugged man and said “so their you are Steve”. Lucy was in shock they came into real world . on the other hand witch was planing to kill Lucy and Alex . Lucy was thinking about her father Steve . Alex was in his room he saw a key in his bedroom . He ran to tell his sister Lucy . Lucy was shocked . she decided to call their father but their father was not there . their uncle was also not there . they both were shocked to see . actually in other dimension . uncle lucus was controlling the witch . now, when Steve found out he tried to kill lucus but it was late . lucus turned him self into devil and suck soul and all power out off Steve . Lucy and Alex were running into door of other dimension . when they reach there . they were in front of palace of power . Alex was ready with his Armour bow and arrow and sword . Lucy was ready with her axe bow and arrow and with her Armour . Alex howled to call unicorns , hourman, dragon, and with all magical creatures ready to fight . their plan was to kill lucus and save their mother . witch was coming to kill them Alex tried to doge her attack but he was late , he fell on ground . lucus used his powers to attack Lucy but she cut lucus hand with her axe and Alex also attacked witch and made cut on witch face . lucus was very angry and made a fire ball and destroyed half of magical world and in this attack Alex was killed…. Lucy was crying suddenly her one eye became red and a skar on her face. She jumped to kill witch but witch stabbed Lucy in her stomach but Lucy stabbed witch in chest and witch dies now all dragons and magical creatures attack on lucus but he kills all creatures and say “it was in your destiny” and laughs . now fight was between lucus and Lucy . Lucy tries hard but failed to kill lucus … every thing is over no!!!! , Alex wakes and he was having super powers . he makes a fire ball and attacks lucus every thin is destroyed . lucus body got blast and he was left with his half body .. Alex tells lucus to tell whole story. Lucus aggres and tell “your mother was kind not your father because alina your mother was born without power and according to law was sent in jail of dark castle” while telling them story lucus dies…. they were back into normal world . Alex and Lucy were shocked their dog alie was also there . Alex questions himself what is a dark castle . They were back . enjoy more in new