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Your manuscript is an outpouring of your experiences, emotions, and dreams in words. These written words form a vital life document that needs careful, targeted, and professional handling while publishing. None other than top fiction publishers can do this job with sensitivity and professionalism in a planned way to give your book the best chance of success.

Zorba Books is a top book publishers in India that is both professional and reputed. That is why we get the most incredible feedback from our authors. This feedback is not only from the who’s who of Indian society but also from students, army men, young professionals and homemakers.

Our author’s feedbacks come from the heart

  • moving
  • honest and
  • pointed

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Give your Words a Boost – Zorba Books Does It Successfully

Whether your book is literary fiction or mainstream fiction, top fiction publishers in Delhi – Zorba Books, can give your words the right direction during editing. Attractive, professional formatting so your book feels world-class. Book cover designs that speak to the reader, targeted and appealing synopsis, brainstorm on your book’s positioning to catch eyeballs leading to an engaging experience for the reader of your book. Guidance and engagement continue long after your book is published.

Our bestseller at the Jaipur Literary Festival

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We can self-publish books for you in diverse genres that range from poetry to novels, short stories, fiction books, children’s storybooks, self-help, management, technical books, academic books, coffee-table books, and more. You can visit the office or send us a sample of your manuscript.

Numerous fiction books and other genres regularly hit the best-selling charts on Amazon

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