Here we provide answers to FAQ’s on publishing a book or a novel. Your manuscript represents your, joy, hard work and creativity. How do you share it with the public at large (ideally, earning some money along the way)?

Self-publishing is the fastest growing segment of the book publishing industry. Authors find it attractive for many reasons:

  • Publishing companies are difficult to approach and it is difficult for an author to be heard.
  • Getting responses from conventional publishers is time consuming with no assurance of the manuscript getting accepted.
  • With self-publishing you eliminate all such hurdles. You know you are going to be heard and your voice will carry weight. You will be involved in different aspects of the book publishing process, leading up to the final published copy.
  • As a self-published author, you either publish the book yourself or take help from a professional self-publishing company, like ours. In this instance the author pays the publishing company to handle the publishing process for them. Self-publishing services commonly include designing the book cover, interior layout or page setting, editing of the manuscript, assigning ISBN, marketing and distribution and much more.
  • Here we provide answers to FAQ on publishing a book. Self-publishing empowers you to turn your manuscript into a smartly turned-out book and be known as a published author (the reason you were writing in the first place). It allows you to share the product of your creativity, your book, with the world – a book that you would be proud to preserve for generations to come.
  • No more waiting to get published.
  • You as an author retain the copyright to your work.
  • You have the final say in all aspects of your book development process and much more.
  • Hear Zorba Books author Arunendra answer your question” why should i self-publish? in this video.

You can publish a book in all topics and categories:

  • Fiction – novels, short stories or plays
  • Non-fiction – management, technical, self-help, reference.
  • Training manuals
  • Biographies and autobiographies
  • Poetry
  • Coffee table books
  • Booklets
  • Novellas
Here we provide answers to FAQ’s on publishing a book. Follow the steps as listed. For publishing study the packages, select one that suits your requirements, spice it up with  ad on services and tell us about it at We will guide you from there. If you are looking for specifications or services that are not part of our package, write to us and tell us about it through the Contact Us form.

SBN and do I need one?

An ISBN full form is International Standard Book Number it is a 10- or 13-digit unique identification number allowing publishers, librarians, and book dealers to locate specific titles and maintain their inventories. It is necessary to have an ISBN to offer your book on sites such as Amazon, Flipkart and many others, as well as many retail outlets. Each version of a book—paperback, hardcover, second edition, etc., must have a unique ISBN. More about ISBN India
The supplier for ISBN registration in India is Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN. When you apply for ISBN, you are registering yourself as a publisher of the printed material.
Your manuscript is already copyrighted with or without registration if it is your unique creative piece and we print this statement in your book. However, copyright registration with the Indian Copyright Office provides additional legal protection, confirms that you are the legal owner of the published work and allows you additional legal clout. The current length of a registered copyright is 70 years past the death of the author. Hence, one’s family or estate can continue to reap the benefits of the creativity of an author well into the future and before it goes into public domain. Zorba Books can help you register your copyright with the Government of India office. More on copyright
Marketing is one of the most important tools in selling your book. Marketing not only creates awareness but also attracts people towards your book. Marketing a book is a vast field with numerous options. You need to evaluate all the options and then zero in on the marketing effort that will best serve the book and your situation. For this you need to answer few simple questions:

  • What are the features/ selling points of my book?
  • Who will be interested in reading my book?
  • Where are those interested people likely to be found?
  • How best to contact those people so you can let them know that your book is available?

Once you have collected answers to these questions you are ready to move forward with your marketing effort.

Yes. We keep your book’s files with us for the sake of future printings. For a small revision fee you can make changes in future prints.
You can keep your book as short as 70 pages or as long as 500 pages. When we say a page we refer to one PDF page (one PDF page = one book page), not one sheet of paper. There are two book pages on every sheet of paper, one on each side. We make exceptions in the number of pages in a book in certain cases.
Some standard paperback trim sizes are 5″ x 8″ or 5.5″ x 8.5″. Grab a ruler and try browsing a bookshelf to find a size you like.
Yes. It works to make the pen name unusual and fun. There’s nothing worse than a mundane secret.