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    Whether you are a new writer or have published a book before, to self-publish a book in India, you will need to go through all the steps yourself or take help from a professional book publishing company, like Zorba Books. Book publishing, commonly includes designing the book cover,interior layout and design, page setting, developing the foreword, contents, dedication, acknowledgement and synopsis, editing of the manuscript, assigning ISBN, marketing and distribution. The advantage of coming to Zorba Books is that you exploit the 8+ years of book publishing experience, with 1000+ published books under our belt and unmatched number of happy authors. While you pour your energies into the most crucial task – that of writing a book.

  • Why do authors prefer to publish with Zorba Books?

    • You get professionalism and honesty
    • You join hands with a book publishing company that delivers on it’s commitments
    • Your inputs and ideas are given importance at every step of publishing
    • You will be joining hands with a company that is an expert at converting your manuscripts into a world-class book.
    • You will be provided with the widest online distribution to help your book reach the reader and you can access your sales 24x7.
    • You partner with a company that is recognized and written about by all major Indian dailies.
    • You earn 100% net profit from the sale of your book!
    • You get more than promised and quality publishing at lower cost.
    • We believe that in your success lies our success.
    • Our testimonials are proof of how we have cut across gender, age and professions to receive appreciation from our published authors – Need we say more?
    If you want this and much more then Zorba Books is just the right place for you.

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    Access to 39000+ retailers, libraries, distributors and educational institutions worldwide


    Should I Self-Publish?

    Self-publishing empowers YOU to turn your manuscript whether in Hindi or in English, into a book without being dependent on the whims and fancies of a traditional publishing and distribution. You will be known as an author, the reason you were writing in the first place. It allows you to share the product of your creativity, your book, with the world.


    Can I Self-Publish?

    Books on all topics and categories: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, management, technical, self-help, reference. Biographies and autobiographies, Coffee table books, Booklets, Novellas , Academic books, Training manuals, Product manuals. You can publish a book in Hindi or English


    Do I Self-Publish?

    Click on the packages page, study each package for its offerings, select one that suits your requirements, choose the add-on plans that you would like to take and tell us about it. We will guide you from that stage onwards. If you are looking for specifications or services that are not part of our standard package, write to us and tell us about it through the Contact Us page.

    How Do I Publish a Book?

    Publish your book with Zorba Books in four steps...

    Send a publishing request

    We study your proposal

    Choose a publishing package and spice it up

    That's it. Sit back and relax

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