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“Anne, pass the biscuits please.” Jack asked his sister.

“You come get it yourself.” She answered.

“Mi….Tell her…its sitting soo close to her.” Jack begged his cousin Mia.

”I want some too, would be tasty with these lemonades. But this is too comfortable.” Susan cut off Mia’s reply. All four of them, where lying under a shady spot in the lawn, just lazily resting their head against the bark of the huge banyan tree, talking, filling each other in on what happened during the term.

That was when they heard a distinct sound of a small truck. Soon it became obvious that it was coming their way. All four stood up with a groan, not at all wanting to cut their time outside short.

Before Mia could comprehend anything else, something came running, and jumped on her, she fell back.

Distinct scream could be heard in the background. She sat up, and opened her eyes, to find something hugging her. Her heart soared. It took her only a moment to recognize who it was.

“Mischief!” She whispered. She felt tears forming in her eyes as she hugged her old friend.

Her three cousins gathered around her, shocked. A girl, whom none of them have ever met before, walked out of the truck, towards them. She too looked at Mia and Mischief with a smile.

“Are my eyes deceiving me? Is that a monkey she’s hugging?” Jack rubbed his eyes, which now resembled soccer balls.

“So it was true after all? Circus monkey.. stolen mirror..?..” Anne had to pinch herself to make sure this was real.

“Don’t worry, I thought she was bluffing too.” Susan’s jaw had dropped, speechless.

“Close it before a fly gets in.” Mia teased her, as she finally broke from the embrace, and stood up, with Mischief in her arms. She then turned to face the new girl. “Thank you for bringing him here. I am so happy to see you both.” The girl, whose identity was still a mystery to the others, smiled at Mia. “Same here. Mischief really wanted to come see you. I am sure you saw how excited he is too see you again. He has been bugging me about it for a while..”

Mia smiled and hugged Mischief closer to her.

“Clara, these are my cousins Jack, Susan, and Anne.” She introduced them to her.

”Guys, meet Mischief and his care taker Clara. They are the people I told you about, last summer.” 

Everyone liked Mischief and Clara. Mia’s parents too, were happy to see them both again. Mischief hadn’t changed one bit. He did grow a bit bigger, but that was hardly noticeable.

After a fun day spent together, it was finally time for them to bid goodbyes once again.

As she entered the truck, Clara suddenly remembered something. She reached into her pockets and gave something to Mia.

“Tickets for this season’s show. You missed it last time. It’s in the village, in two days time. All of you must come, okay? I look forward to seeing you there. Bye…”

They waved goodbye. As they watched him drive away, Mia turned to her cousins. “You believe me now?”

All three nodded. They hadn’t believed her the last time around.

Mia smiled, as she looked at the tickets in her hand. They could all go now, she just had to ask her parents first. But she was sure they’d agree. For Mischief was the one and only.

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