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Song Of Life

This is the hook so come on and sing along

Put your mind in this moment

Feel this spine-chilling song

Groove to the beat coming through to you

Be in this moment, it to you and you to it belong

Take a moment to chillax and breathe long

Don’t dwell too much on what went wrong

The only future is the one you make for you

Spent many of my early years cruising the streets of Delhi 

Met some dope people and some who were just plain silly

My time on earth helped me figure out the crucial difference 

The mire of corp life was keeping me from real excellence

Rhyming came naturally just had to give in to the rollercoaster

No point in holding back now, the ride goes on till it’s over

Room for improvement? Naah they’re all just pretty versions

My mind is my precise incisive rhyming instrument, like a surgeon’s

My mind is steady I give you infinite chills

Excellent writing skills that are paying the bills

Not just feeding my soul but also my little family of three

Rhyming is my playground in which i play with glee

Let your mind be as free as Lynyrd Skynyrd’s bird

Absorb everything you see and all that you have heard

Get something cooking on the burners in your head 

Every morning you are reborn till you reach your death bed 

[Not] The End

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Aradhye Ackshatt