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It’s love too, isn’t it?

On Sunday, there were 30 students for the mock MBA test that was administered by Veena Madam, Divya, and me.

Divya was looking very hot in her pink top and blue jeans that day, especially because I was used to seeing her mostly in a salwar suit. I couldn’t take my eyes off her while she was administering the test. After the test, Veena madam asked Divya to wrap up quickly and she left early.

Divya started arranging the papers in Veena Madam’s cabin and I was looking at her through the door.

“What time are you going to leave, Divya?” I asked her.

“It will take another half an hour for me, Ajay.”

“Okay. So, shall I leave? Actually, I have to wash my clothes also.”

Divya started to giggle, “Oh yes. I mean washing clothes is a big task. Please go ahead.”

“Veena madam is also a pass out/graduate from WCC, right?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied without looking at me.

“I think you are busy, let me not disturb you.”

“Hey, nothing like that. I am just trying to wrap up so that I can also leave,” she replied and turned to look at me. That moment, I lost control of my feelings and walked towards her. Before she could react, I grabbed her from behind. I wrapped my hands around her and kissed her on the neck.

“Leave me… what are you doing?” Divya shouted and I came to my senses.

Immediately, I took my sack and left office.         

“What the heck! What did I do? Shit! What if she complains?” All these thoughts stormed my mind, as I walked towards the bus stop. Suddenly my phone buzzed to an SMS.

‘What happened Ajay ji? All okay?’ It was a message by Divya.

I did not know what to answer, and I wrote, ‘I am really sorry, Divya.’

For the next week, I couldn’t face Divya, let alone talk to her.

But after a week, we had to be together for the annual event of WCC. Our company was assigned a booth, and we were supposed to conduct an aptitude test for the students. Divya and Veena Madam were explaining various programmes of Career Guide to the test takers, while I was looking after the overall arrangements including the logistics.

The students’ committee of the college arrived to take feedback at our booth.

“Hi, Ajay sir. How’s everything?” asked one of the committee members.

“Hi Sangeetha, everything is fine. Thanks for all the support,” I responded warmly.

“Sir, we should thank you for your support,” Sangeetha seemed overwhelmed. “By the way, she’s my friend Nithya, she is interested in pursuing MBA from IIM. Can you just guide her on the courses she can take up to crack CAT?”

“Sure, my colleague Divya can explain it better,” I directed Nithya towards Divya.

“Thank you very much, sir,” Sangeetha replied.

It was 5 p.m. and yet there was an hour for the booth to close. Just then, Veena madam approached me.

“Ajay, I have to leave now. My in-laws are picking me up, so can you park my scooter at the office? You and Divya can go together on the scooter, right?”

“Sure ma’am,” I replied.

“I hope Divya is comfortable with you,” Veena madam smiled and handed over the key to me.

I didn’t understand the mischief in her smile but was happy that I would be riding a scooter on the roads of Chennai.

“Has ma’am left?” Divya asked when all the students had deserted the booths.

“Yes,” I said. “And she has given me a big responsibility.”

“I didn’t get it. Can you be clear, Mr. Ajay?”

“She has asked me to drop you home on her scooter and then park the scooter at the office,” I replied showing her the key.

“Thanks. But I can take a bus to my home from here,” Divya replied.

“Huh! So, you are still angry with me?”

“No. Had I been angry, I would have complained about it to ma’am.”


“Chumma,” Divya replied, “I mean, nothing in Tamil.”

“I know what Chumma means. But that day you resisted my Chumma,” I quipped.

“Shut up, Ajay. Do you even know what that means?” Divya lamented, “I am not that type of a girl.”

“Which type?”

“The ones you like, like that Sangeetha.” Her thrust on Sangeetha seemed jealous.

“Oh, so you are upset because I like Sangeetha,” I asked sarcastically.

“Why shall I be upset? You do whatever you want to do with her.”

“But I want to do everything with you and not with her,” I spoke my mind.

“What? What did you just say?”

“Chumma, I mean nothing. Let’s pack-up,” I said and coerced Divya to come with me on the scooter.

“Do you behave like this with every girl, Ajay?” Divya asked during our ride.

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean.”

“You mean to say, that I am a flirt, right?”

“No. But then do you try to kiss every girl as you did with me?”

“Divya, I don’t know what made me do that, but I can’t control my emotions when I see you.”

“Oh! But then your emotions overflow for Sangeetha?”

“Who’s that Sangeetha!” I bellowed, “I hardly know her yaar, but with you, it’s different.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. You won’t understand. Kuch Kuch hota hai, Divya, tum nahi samjhogi,” I imitated Shahrukh Khan.

“You are irresistible, Ajay,” Divya chuckled after we reached office.

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