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Dreams and Aspirations

Dreams and aspirations are part of the process. As human beings we normally think the basic needs are fulfilled at first. Once it is over we expect to look in comforts zone. It is the most common thing in reality. Most of us will feel to live better and the best with our efforts and ability with what we acquired out of our skills will happen in general in our day to day activities and fulfill our desires to the maximum extent. Sometimes fulfilling the desire depends on the size of our dream and the effort what we put in depends apart from various factors like circumstances, trend, availability of resources, whether conditions, time, way of approach, skill levels, knowledge on that particular task what we take up and the ability to perform and planning in an effective manner makes us to reach and achieve our goals to make it happen or may not. Still we have to continue our effort irrespective of the result by comparing your own performance on regular basis gives some confidence and courage to determine and dedicate to sacrifice and focus more on your desired goals is worth mentioning here on this occasion. You can change your plans any number of times but not your goal. Dreams are like flowing river. They go on come one after one and it flows continuously in our minds thru out our lives is the bear fact. It is better to control and convince yourself depending on various factors.

Be realistic, genuine, reliable, manageable, affordable, available, reachable, and so on are kept in mind. Above all is it really required or not is a big question mark? Need based selection is utmost important. Application of brain is essential. Apply the brain and think before deciding and follow accordingly. Most of the things will set right if we think and do it in a systematic and dynamic manner. Willingness makes us to think and proceed then to perform and acquire the things we like and enjoy ourselves once the result comes. All the days are not ours. Every day is not Sunday. Rainy day also part of it. Time is most crucial and it curbs us many times. It is more precious, powerful and valuable. It will determine everything. We should bear in mind time as one of the important factors when we start something whether we are doing the right or not just check carefully. Then proceed! It gives fruitful results. Tailor made system helps to great extent in our desires if we apply and follow it keeps us to control ourselves and try to minimize not to jump in to unnecessary things in reality.

Never live in imaginary life. Be realistic. Be practical. Be active and alert. Performance alone can yield the best in this world. Do your best. Give your best. Hope for the best. Nothing is in your hands except to think good and put your effort with sincere and honest mood can help you to move forward with great zeal of enthusiasm in order to fetch the best results in reality. Always bear in mind that apart from your effort there are so many unknown sources are there to assist and help you to complete the task well in time is fact. Above all God’s grace is ultimate. Never under estimate or misunderstand or ill treat anybody under any circumstances. Just wait. Believe! Belief gives everything. It keeps you to move in right direction with right people at the right time in the right place with right cause to achieve the right results are most important. It inspires and gives thrill to get more strength to perform better and plan well to get the best out of your effort. Your effort will never go waste. It has its value. Keep on doing. It makes you to learn more and more. Learning is a life long process. It updates and upgrades you to the next level in real life. It improves your knowledge. Knowledge is like light and throw the darkness away from all corners and show the path to move safely and securely well in time to reach your destination. As long as your intensions are clear no one can stop you in this world. Sky is your limit! Go ahead.

Appreciation, recognition, realization, cognizance, awareness, belief, knowledge, acknowledgement, understanding, conciousness, notion, comprehension, interpretetion, apprehension, impression, observation, sensation, feeling, judgement and estimation are some examples to indicate for our own perception. Each one think in their own direction. No two minds will express the same feelings in this world is bear fact. It depends on their level of knowledge, thought process, understanding capacity, style of living, family background, attitude, application of brain and awareness are some to mention here on this occasion. Seeing is different and feeling is different. It is process to inspire many others by involving and learning thru sharing their views with others on daily basis makes an impact and keep updated to great extent and grasp better over a period of time. As a matter of fact reality plays key role in real life. Yes! Our reality is the result of our own perception. We can not compare or differentiate each one’s feelings and aspirations. Because it is their opinion and they may be right in their own perception and point of view. Challenges are part of the process. One has to face and handle carefully with patience and knowledge.

The life is with full of dreams and aspirations and the world offers us many if we open the door and see it in a positive look it gives us plenty of opportunities and facilities if we take it in right perception with right attitude in right angle the sky is the limit. Never look for short cut methods. Every day is a new opportunity and start a fresh with fresh look and fresh mind makes us to think better to get the best out of it with your sincere effort makes the task easy to complete and feel happy in all respects at all times on all occasions. All the glitters are not gold. If you want gold you should dig it deeply. You can not get it on surface. Dream big! Aim high! High aims make you to reach new heights in real life. Your effort should be bigger than your aim and aspiration. Consistent effort gives consistent results. Update and upgrade yourself on regular basis. It makes you to be alert and awake. Apply technology. Technology helps in many ways. It gives accurate and effective results in no time. Commitment helps to fulfill the dream. It makes you to determine and dedicate to sacrifice and focus more on your desired goals. It keeps you to remind minute by minute and alarms wherever you are and whatever you do in any situation even in sleep. That is the power of will! Never look back and stop in the middle once determined makes you to put one step forward to reach miles and miles towards your journey till you reach your destination and fulfill it in all respects at any cost either hook or crook. Burning desire helps to accomplish and allows you to initiate and ignite the power within to generate the heat to proceed further makes you to work in an effective and efficient manner.

Dreaming is truly believing it’s going to happen, and acting to do everything to help it on its course. All the dreams are not good. We have to choose them carefully. Selection process is ultimate. If we choose correctly we go in right direction to get the right results. Dreams and aspirations are sometimes built and made by their life’s story‚ present, past, and future emotions‚ accomplishments‚ inspirations‚ and experiences. Each one has their own story. We can not compare with others. Try to make your own story based on your experience. You are the best teacher for yourself. Your life is your experience. You know better about you than others. Never compare with others. Instead compare yourself with your yesterday which gives you more inspiration and strength to move forward with great zeal of enthusiasm in order to fetch the fruitful results in real life. To achieve your dream, you have to place the goal in your mind. You need to remind yourself every day about your dream. You will experience challenging times where you will feel the urge to quit, but remember your ultimate dream/goal. If you feel messed up, start over with a fresh and positive attitude.

Failure is not the opposite of success it is part of success. It helps us to realize and gives scope to improve based on the results and makes us to learn thru various means in reality. Our future depends on our aspirations. My aspiration in life would be to be happy and lead a peaceful and healthy life. Like that each one has their own way of thinking and plan accordingly. We should always remember if we do not change nothing will change. Change is a must for good cause. It keeps us to do better and the best. It is always better to start with small aspirations like smile, kindness, smell good things, step in comfort zone, enjoy new music, care less about expectations from others, show love and affection on others, take better care of yourself and your loved ones, respect mother nature, make goals setting and try to fulfill them in time, above all be happy all times are some useful things in our daily lives. In general the life goals should be make a positive impact, find inner peace, collect more beautiful memories, gain more self-confidence, make your parents proud to feel how happy you are can fulfill your needs to some extent and some events give us an immense pleasure and satisfaction in reality. If we want to fulfill our dreams we should heal, and feel let it go, forgiveness, move on, be yourself, love yourself, love your work, open your heart, speak truth, feel your feelings, trust the universe, be trustworthy, learn a lesson, own your inner circle, follow your own way, expand your awareness, decision making, enforce your boundaries, finally but not least make a line to limit yourself is must it gives peace of mind and satisfaction with pleasure. One should follow the corporate rules for happy life like never trust anybody blindly and it is always better to watch carefully makes cautious and gives scope to understand better to know the ground reality. Never carry the office stress, gossip in suitcase to home and make nuisance. It is better to leave it there and forget to enjoy your personal and family lives together with your social life and spiritual lives and maintain balance to act wisely.

Go to office on time and come out on time. Your desktop will not improve your health under any circumstances. You have to take care of yourself. Do not show much affection on anything. Do not expect anything from anybody. If somebody helps be thankful. Try to learn on your own and improve in a systematic and dynamic manner. Never rush up for any promotions, increments, appreciations from higher authorities and do your best and give your best. You will get the best. Just believe your stuff. Do not care about thunders and unnecessary sounds. You know your worth. It will come out one day or the other. Nobody can steal your stuff. It will be proved. Have patience. Wait for the opportunity. Knowledge, politeness, respect, culture, behavior, punctuality, effort are your weapons in work place. Forget about your designation and keep the duty and responsibility in mind which protects you in every stage of your life. Never run behind office stuff. You have so many priorities in real life. Never play the cheap games and maintain the standards. Avoid taking everything on your ego. Your salary matters. You should get it regularly. As long as your salary is credited to your bank account you need not worry much. Use your skills to get happiness.

Your strength is your power. It inspires and empowers you. It does not matter how people treat you. Be humble and honest. It indicates their level of knowledge and understanding. They should realize and know better how to behave in corporate world. You are not every one’s cup of tea. Focus more on your goals. Try to set right and fix them in a decent manner. Learn on regular basis and continuous learning gives more knowledge which elevates and upgrades you to the next level in reality. At the end of the day nothing matters except family, friends, home and inner peace. Peace is ultimate. It gives strength. It creates good health. Health is better than wealth. A healthy person can do better than others. He proves to be efficient and show more output with the help of performance. Results will speak better than us. Results are ultimate. They can spread faster and shout all over the world. They prove your capacity. They give recognition. They make to increase your respect in the minds of others. Success is the base for everything. Your success is your valuable asset. You are the performer! You are the winner! Winning mindset helps a lot. It inspires and gives strength to move forward towards our goals.

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