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Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, clarify, explain, simplify, understand, demonstrate, reveal, exhibit, signify, indicate, control, evaluate, and use emotions to communicate with many and relate to others effectively and constructively. Emotions will drive us to move forward with great zeal of enthusiasm to plan well and perform better in an effective and efficient manner to fetch the fruitful results in reality. Performance alone can yield the best results thru our effort on regular basis with practice creates confidence and courage coupled with determination and dedication to sacrifice and helps to focus more on our goals in a designed manner keeps us to elevate and expand us to reach new heights in real life. It is part of leadership quality and helps us to grow as dynamic leader by developing these qualities and creating the confidence in the minds of others will give the scope to prove as leader in reality. Strategic planning is part of emotional intelligence and gives large scope to visualize well in advance to acquire the best results in a given time and circumstances with the available resources is an added advantage. Career and happiness both are equally important and travel together simultaneously like our hands, legs, eyes, and ears with us as part of human body. We should balance our personal, professional, family, social and spiritual life with our work.

It is always better to look for the best in the worst situation with positive attitude gives some solution to come out of it in no time is the behavior of a wise leader. Leaders will dream high and perform high with high quality and improve to learn on regular basis makes them to become perfect on a particular job or task to acquire the skill in general. They will see the problem in depth and understand in a better manner to grasp and know the reality in solution angle and find the solutions possible with skill to apply and ready to face on war foot basis makes them to realize in time and gives an impact on a clear and crystal way to get the results in positive direction and make it happen is part of the leadership quality. Action plays the role in reality. Identification is one part. Taking action is another part. Both should happen simultaneously to get the results in time makes some sense and meaningful. Meaningful mindset gives meaningful results. Willful exercise gives willful results. Thought process is ultimate! An idea can change the life of an individual and make him to reach new heights in real life. Will is the root cause coupled with discipline makes an individual to rise high in reality. Dedication and determination travel together like two rails on a track which helps the train to move forward to reach its destination safely and securely well in time is the bear fact. Acquiring deep knowledge thru various means is part of emotional intelligence. We must manage our emotions to consider actions before we perform and implement them in an effective and efficient manner. Emotional intelligence is a kind of skill one has to accustom and acquire to fetch the fruitful results in real life. Our feelings are our emotions. Our thoughts will make us to do and acquire the results. Results are ultimate and prove our reality. They elevate us to the next level in real life. Health is better than wealth! Love never ends!

As much as possible it is important to have experience and skills, it is also very essential to have the emotional intelligence to sustain one’s leadership role for the following reasons:

Emotional intelligence helps to evaluate others and appreciate in much better in effective ways. It necessitates the need to admit and allow us to learn from our own mistakes, thus cutting down on the major ego issues in the organization and individual level as well. It also enables to have control over the emotions and have thoughtful discussions. Ensures leaders to be good in active listening to understand in a better manner. It moulds a leader to take criticism positively while mingling with people leads to help in a wide manner in all respects at all times and on all occasions is worth mentioned here. Emotional intelligence will play a key role when you are having difficult conversations without hurting others feelings and managing your emotions when feeling stressed or overwhelmed while improving relationships with others to resolve the conflict when coaching and motivating others are highlighted here on this occasion. Why do we need Emotional Intelligence? The skills required for being successful in life are not dependent on how academically brilliant a person is and the emotional intelligence can help you to cope up and navigate through the social complexities right from school to workplace based on your experience at various levels and stages with places we live in depends on various factors. Inspiration boosts the confidence and courage levels to improve the productivity in a gigantic way. Looking for a good is always better.

It helps you to understand better with deep sense and get the work done is an art in difficult situations also. It depends on individual perceptions and each one think in their own way! Some may wish to happen! Some people desire! Some others make it happen! That is the difference! Decision making is ultimate! One has to decide and proceed to get the fruitful results in reality. Then only things will materialize. Results will come out as we wish. Dream becomes true. There ends. Research indicates that qualified people can meet the needs of an organization hundred percent. It was proved that the organizations are not getting to meet their needs and requirements from the people who preferred. Thus, the best leaders can be encouraged to meet most of their qualifications with experience may fulfill. It may help us if we move from comfort zone to fear zone, learning zone, growth zone and so on. Without pain there is no gain. Pain is part of the process. One has to understand and live accordingly. Then only we can achieve something or the other in reality. Struggle alone gives the end results. Effort alone can yield the best in real life. Put your sincere effort and hope for the best. High self-esteem helps to set a goal! Vision and motivation with strong will power leads us to move forward with great zeal of enthusiasm in order to fetch the best results in reality. Looking for opportunities by extending your comfort zone will solve your problems to move to learning zone by accepting the challenges that occur on our daily lives is the best way of approach. We have to come out from low confidence and excuses thru facing the problems while focusing and influencing others makes us to push from fear zone to learning and growth zones. Culture is the accumulation of the behavior and attitude of an individual in reality. It depends on one’s style of living and the school where lived makes an impact and proves in reality. Growth mindset creates powerful combination to help and achieve our goals.

Be happy with what you have and enjoy in a given situation with the available resources is wise and gives some clarity with pleasure and satisfaction. Too much expectation is not a good sign to lead our life in a peaceful manner with satisfaction with the limited resources keeps us as someone said less luggage more comfort is more worthful and gives us peace of mind. Never look for short cut methods and quick results in real life. It never happens in reality. Your life is your experience. You are the best teacher for yourself. Struggle alone gives fruitful results. Your happiness, peace of mind, good sleep, goodwill, good behavior, natural growth, integrity, honesty, values, trust, confidence and courage is your strength. If you add these things, you need not add anything, and rest can be ignored. Knowledge is the key for everything. Go ahead and proceed to learn more and more to improve your learning capacity thru various means gives clarity. It gives to live simple and humble with great pride and firm decisions keep us to the next level in reality. Never bend and degrade yourself for low values and low quality under any circumstances. Think broadly and act wisely with better understanding then perform in the best manner to get the quality results and live happily with peace of mind is ultimate. Blessings are like God given gift to have home, family, fun and joy.

Convert your energy as your currency is great concept which is the most vital and valuable thought in reality and helps us to live proudly and satisfactorily with peace of mind. It gives us health and wealth. It inspires us to move forward with great zeal of enthusiasm in order to fetch the fruitful results in reality. If we live with positive attitude, we become more powerful emotional, mentally, and physically. Emotional intelligence will help us to great extent to understand in better way and gives us energy to perform better and get the best results in real life. Energy gives us force to meet our needs and requirements on day-to-day basis and acquire the results in a dynamic manner gives us an immense pleasure and satisfaction. Positive energy gives us the positive results. Let us use our wavelength to the maximum extent by applying our energy in a great way to get the great things done in reality is the right way of living. We grow with our habits to reach the peak in reality. We should be cautious and careful while using our energy and satisfy in genuine manner to use our energy for good cause and expect the same as we think in positive direction with positive people and acquire the positive results makes us happy with joy. It gives good health.

Everything comes to you! The gap will be filled soon! Wait for time and opportunity! It makes to happen and reach in systematic and dynamic way with the most effective and efficient manner if we wait for the right time with right cause at the right place with the right people makes sense and yields the fruitful results in reality. At the beginning it gives us confusion and create more doubts whether we can meet our requirements or not and throws us to a danger and fear zone. If you allot the time to think and give your thoughts towards the solution for your cause makes one by one removes with clarity while applying the knowledge acquired and gained with the help of likeminded people give satisfaction and show the solutions dramatically one after one. At the end everything looks normal and feel free to move like normal. The gap will be filled like a bridge between your doubts and problems with solutions gives clarity in reality. Thought process is ultimate! An idea can change this world! Believe! Belief gives everything. It is like a divine power. Prayers will help us to large extent with great relief. Relief itself is an indication that we are moving towards right path and saves our time and energy in reality. Miracles happen!

Selflessness gives us love and affection thru unknown sources is fact! It gives us an immense pleasure and satisfaction. It makes us to feel happy with joy. Trust has power to deal with others and get the best results out of it. Faith alone gives us confidence and courage to move forward with great zeal of enthusiasm in order to fetch the fruitful results in reality. Giving is more powerful than what we take and enjoy. It gives the joy on the part of receiver’s end will be a wonderful gift. Nature is beautiful! Love alone can give everything! Love yourself! Love your work! Love all live all is the best way of approach. Love lives long on values with energy. Energy gives strength. Strong will power makes us to happen things in a systematic and dynamic manner with proper planning and effective implementation yields the fruitful results in long run. Willpower leads to move forward with like-minded people to share views and express our feelings to invite them for achieving our goals is the right way of approach. Sharing is caring. Share your success with others. Teamwork plays role. It is strong and stable. It allows to do with many hands for one cause. Never underestimate the power of value of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. It gives accurate results. It is a collective effort. Efforts will never waste! They give us more strength.

The act of kindness is great concept! whether we agree or disagree it creates a wave in the world. Kindness is one of the primary objectives of leadership quality. A small guidance and support make an impact on the part of receiver to great extent. It elevates and encourages to learn more and perform better than we expect. It creates zeal and enthusiasm in order to fetch the fruitful results on the part of receiver. Creating happiness makes an individual to lead towards peace and prosperity in a genuine manner and allows to help others to serve in a better manner. We should have a strong and valid reason someone to feel, seen, welcome, hear, value and love. Then only it gives some sort of pleasure and satisfaction. Our ultimate aim should be to create a path in right direction to move forward with right attitude with the right people for acquiring the right thoughts and achieve the right results is the right way of approach. Never look for instant results and short cut methods. They will not fetch much in long run. Value addition gives value to us and others as well. Change alone wish to see with reason to feel and heard to welcome a new concept. Be a trend setter! Be a role model! Be an excellent! Be a performer! That is the key!

Education is training the mind to think what happens in and around then update and upgrade yourself thru learning is a part of process in order to fetch the best results on day-to-day basis is the right way of living. Then only we can grow and develop in a positive attitude which helps to move with positive people to acquire the positive thoughts and achieve the positive results. Training is a continuous process! One has to train on regular basis to prove and perform better to fetch the fruitful results in real life is the best way of approach. Struggle alone can makes us to reach peak and prove as useful and helpful thru sharing our experience with others makes an impact and gives scope to grow together and live collectively gives some satisfaction with joy. Leadership is a great quality one has to inculcate to grow as leader within to do your own jobs in an organized manner with proper planning keeps us to live in a systematic and dynamic way helps to set an example to others and our own people as well. It is the right way of approach. All of us have leadership quality. Each one exhibits in their own way and proves the best of their ability and strength on daily basis. If we focus, we can become great leaders in long run. 

Acquiring knowledge coupled with understanding makes some sense and gives a meaning WISDOM helps to put in practice on regular basis to fetch the fruitful results in reality. To achieve this a lot of effort is required and planning helps to implement it in an effective and efficient manner to perform better and get the best results in real life. Learning is a source thru various means gives us knowledge by reading books, hearing lessons, participating in group discussions, seminars, attending meetings on daily basis gives some exposure and above all practice keeps us strong and stable to grow in a better way to elevate us to the next level in reality. To say frankly no one can learn everything instantly. It takes time. It needs lot of effort. Energy is required to think and understand in better manner to know the ground reality. Training helps and work as a guide and support us to improve our thought process and performance levels to a large extent in long run. Will alone lead us to move forward with great zeal of enthusiasm in order to fetch the fruitful results in reality. Burning desire helps to learn more and more to acquire the knowledge and helps to set the goal in reality. Goal setting is ultimate! It proves everything!

The beginning is key for everything! Till it begins everything looks tough and difficult. Once determined it creates desire to plan and allow us to move forward with one step makes to reach miles and miles in reality. Self-motivation is the best way of approach. It inspires us to create zeal and enthusiasm to do something in given time and situation to plan well and perform better to fetch the fruitful results in real life. Learning helps to grow well and practice makes us to become perfect. Life is like a journey! Consider it as journey and move with positive attitude makes us to reach positive people to acquire the positive thoughts and achieve the positive results. It gives us an opportunity to share with others while travelling we come across to meet and contact with different people at different places on different occasions makes us to enjoy, enhance, enlighten, evaluate, entertain, equip, establish, examine, and lead the conversations made with them to create some sort of bondage and turn as long term relations in some cases are witnessed in our day-to-day life if we observe carefully and recollect our memory we feel happy. Always try to begin with positive mindset. As long as your intentions are good, we need not worry. 

Incorporation is nothing but involving personally and setting as an example to others instead of talking or explaining in different modes if we show thru our acts makes an impact in reality. It helps others to realize, react, readjust, recollect, reconfirm, relearn and resolve in many ways to implement and get the results where required. It gives scope to understand in a better manner and creates confidence and courage to determine and dedicate to sacrifice and focus more on their desired goals to fetch the fruitful results in real life. Self-evaluation, appreciation makes an individual to grow in a better manner and helps to equip and establish in a systematic and dynamic manner keeps them to elevate and upgrade to the next level in reality. That itself is an indication that we are moving towards positive direction with positive attitude and trying to reach the positive people to acquire the positive thoughts and achieve the positive results. Willful exercise gives us willful results. Mindful exercise gives us mindful results. Action plays a role! Be action oriented! Be task oriented! Be result oriented! Be practical! Be genuine! Be realistic! Be honest! Be kind enough! Be enthusiastic! Be as you are! Wisdom gives everything!

Emotional intelligence gears up with empathy, awareness, adaptability, inspiration, consideration, kindness, sensitivity, compassion, helps to be modified and transforms us to create a new path with positive attitude helps to improve the communication skills as an entrepreneur makes us to grow in a systematic and dynamic way gives immense pleasure and satisfaction. An effective communication gives effective results. It is key for success. An emotional stamina gives strength alternatively to take different route for accomplishing the desired goals in our profession rewards sometimes. Conversations lead us to communicate in business relations and fetch the fruitful results. Empathy is a way to understand better by the customer and willingness makes to face the challenge. Winners’ perception helps to grow better as an women entrepreneur. Take advantage of every opportunity to prove and plan well to prepare then practice on regular basis on all important occasions is a gift and sharpness with clarity to improve communication skills as an effective entrepreneur. Women are no way inferior, and they are the most useful source in every walk of life and prove themselves as winners with winning mindset. Willpower leads them to do and prove.

At the beginning everything looks difficult and feel that we cannot do it and it is not possible for us, we may not achieve, and it may be highly impossible it is out of our imagination like that we think and even do not dream for it and try. Mindset is ultimate! Winning mindset helps to think better, dream better, plan better, visualize and perform better and get the best results in reality. No doubt, it takes some time to set our mind to think and work out once determined and dedicated to sacrifice then focus more and nobody can stop us. That is the power of will. As long as your intention is good no one can hinder, and all obstacles and hurdles will go away one by one on its own. Burning desire helps to grow in a better manner. Dare to dream! Dream big! Achieve big! Accept the challenges that occur on our daily work helps to discover in an innovative manner to learn and improve in such a way that they will happen in reality. Once achieved it will not stop you to move further and look for better opportunities. It is like a rolling stone. It moves on. It becomes a habit. Success is like a journey. It will never stop in middle irrespective of obstacles that occur we continue to do our work to proceed further to achieve our goals.

” Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

“ Emotions are a critical source of information for learning.” – Unknown

“ Emotional intelligence begins to develop in the earliest years.” – Unknown

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